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the cloud

Why there’s no such thing as ‘the’ cloud

Gwil Davies 23 Jun 2021 9 minutes

Do you talk about ‘the cloud’? If so, it might be time to stop — the future of your business depends on it.

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cyborg retail

How can we help you? Cyborgs on the sales floor

Matt Palmquist 22 Jun 2021 8 minutes

AI enhanced wearables and implants may make employees more efficient at the sales counter, but will they be accepted by customers?

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b2b loyalty programs

Five actions to create a working B2B loyalty program

16 Jun 2021 11 minutes

We’ve all heard of customer loyalty programs, but what about when the customer is another company? Let’s explore the untapped potential of B2B loyalty programs.

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fostering gratitude

Fostering gratitude in a digital world

Bernard de Villepin 15 Jun 2021 8 minutes

After many months of virtual working, the absence of physical colleagues is leaving some employees isolated and alone. Cultivating gratitude could help people feel happier and more connected — and it can be done online.

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ransomware healthcare

How cyber criminals are holding health to ransom

Ransomware attacks are on the rise in healthcare. What makes the sector so attractive to cyber criminals and what can it do about it?

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failing soft skills

Experimentation, iteration and failure: How games can help teach soft skills

Louis Bennett 08 Jun 2021 10 minutes

Teaching soft skills can be more difficult than hard skills. For businesses to succeed, they’ll need to learn to fail.

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Consumer Insights March 2021

The four fault lines fracturing global consumer behaviour

Donna Watt 02 Jun 2021 11 minutes

Globally, consumers have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic with similar purchasing behaviours, but fracture lines reveal four consumer cohorts that are doing things differently. Retailers, take note.

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Customer banking survey

The digital battleground for the future of banking

Australian banks have enjoyed increasing loyalty among their customers during the pandemic. But as consumers become more digital than ever, tech companies are homing in with an experience edge.

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federal budget podcast 2021

Podcast: Federal Budget Insights – Creating a secure digital future

26 May 2021 26 minutes

The Australian Government announced it will funnel AU$1.2 billion into the digital economy. So how will the nation benefit? Mohammad Chowdhury and Nicola Nicol chat digital implications of the Federal Budget.

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