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Cyber attack response

During an attack: What your tech, legal and risk functions should do when a breach occurs

In part two of our cyber response series, we look at how three different areas of an organisation should respond in the immediate aftermath of a breach.

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Recruitment in COVID-19

How COVID-19 has rewritten the rules of the war on talent

Dorothy Hisgrove 15 Sep 2020 8 minutes

COVID-19 caused disruption for many businesses and brought into sharp focus the need for the right skills to navigate the challenges ahead. For some, this talent already lies within and technology will help bring it to the surface.

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The path to Australia’s digital transformation

09 Sep 2020 7 minutes

A new report by PwC Australia, Where next for accelerated digitalisation and data reliance? looks at the effects of the COVID-19 response on the nation’s businesses and uncovers the critical digital potential for growth.

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Wireless wellness: How 5G will create the new post-COVID healthcare ecosystem

Wilson Chow Kelly Barnes Chris Bartlett 08 Sep 2020 7 minutes

The levels of connectivity that 5G promises could transform the patient experience and enable a new healthcare ecosystem. In the midst of unprecedented pandemic stress, its potential is both timely and meaningful.

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Essential business

Essential business shifts to survive and thrive amid COVID-19

David Clarke 01 Sep 2020 10 minutes

With the meaning of ‘essential’ being reevaluated amid COVID-19 it’s time for business to do some reassessment of their own. Investing in digital and acting on necessary operational shifts will place companies in good stead to thrive in a challenging environment.

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Cyber security series 1: preparation

Preventative measures: How your tech, legal and risk functions should prepare for a cyber attack

Cyber security is no longer a job solely for the IT department. To adequately arm your business against ever-increasing threats, all areas of the organisation must do their part.

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No touching: How tech can help us avoid COVID-19

Kevin Maney 26 Aug 2020 10 minutes

As people venture back into workplaces and onto public transport, the fear of touching contaminated surfaces is high. Existing technology could help people steer clear of germs and prevent future outbreaks of disease.

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The digital product innovation at the heart of your transformation

Leigh Malcolmson Bill Bovopoulos 25 Aug 2020 11 minutes

A mature product innovation capability can lead to business growth and competitive advantage. But if your digital product hasn’t lived up to its promise, it’s likely due to one of four issues: data, agility, scale or leadership.

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EX new normal

How to redefine employee experience for the post-pandemic world

Bhushan Sethi Jean-François Marti 19 Aug 2020 12 minutes

Given COVID-19’s effect on economic conditions and customer behaviours, companies need to focus on ensuring their employee experience helps set their workforce up for the challenges ahead.

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