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Digital Pulse

in·no·va·tion – A creation resulting from study and/or experimentation. The act of starting something new.

dis·rup·tion – An act of delaying or interrupting continuity. An event that results in displacement or discontinuity. The act of causing disorder.

Digital change is a journey, not a destination.
It requires agility and flexibility to underpin a continually evolving business environment.

Industry Change – The ongoing economic, technological and social development of commercial business and market sectors.

The great decentralisation: A sharing economy for the financial services

sharing economy in financial services

The rise of fintech and emerging technologies is destabilising the position of banks as one-stop shops. Kate Eriksson unpacks these trends to explain why the financial services is heading towards a sharing economy.


Infographic: The global trends of mobile gaming

mobile gaming trends

The mobile revolution has fundamentally changed the video game landscape, with more people than ever flocking to smartphones and tablets for their gaming fix. A 2016 study reveals who’s playing, when and why.


What’s the catch? How Pokémon Go is boosting local businesses

Pokemon Go augmented reality

In the wake of Pokémon Go’s popularity, savvy businesses are using the game to increase patronage and sales. Does the smartphone hit offer a glimpse of a future AR-infused economy?


Infographic: Augmented reality’s path to success

augmented reality

Not quite an overnight success, augmented reality has taken the world stage after nearly 50 years of incremental innovation. We look at the technology’s main visionaries and its key milestones to the present day.


Ten technology forces shaping the financial services


The financial services sector continues to be disrupted from all sides. But which way are the winds blowing? Here are the tech trends driving the industry to 2020 and beyond.


Hear, hear: How Complete Listening can turn supermarkets into corner stores

Complete Listening retail

With next-generation customer analytics technology unlocking new opportunities for retailers, large businesses may now hold the key to recreating the corner-store experience.


Infographic: Wearable technology takes off

infographic wearable technology

From wrist-mounted smartwatches to sensor-embedded smart clothing, the wearable technology sector is rapidly changing. Are consumer attitudes and usage patterns changing alongside it?


Uncovered: Microservices – architecting for agility

uncovered microservices architecture

As the number and complexity of platforms and devices grow, how can organisations ensure they are able to turn out digital solutions with speed and agility? Solution designers are now turning to a new approach to application development: microservices architecture.


The promise of digital democracy

digital democracy

From encouraging voter turnout to improving the campaign process, digital technology is playing an ever-larger role in democracy. Nick Spooner discusses this trend and whether fully electronic voting is on the horizon.


Infographic: The game-changer of digital political advertising

digital political advertising

As consumers continue to flock to the digital realm for content and entertainment, the importance of digital political advertising has skyrocketed. Are candidates taking advantage of this new electronic frontier?