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Digital Pulse Curiosity Silos

Breaking the curiosity silo for success

Tom Puthiyamadam 11 Sep 2018 8 minutes

With technological change increasing, employees need to be adaptable and multi-skilled in order for organisations to succeed. Sparking their desire for learning will lead to curiosity and better business solutions.

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Digital Pulse Smart Construction

Infographic: Smart construction paves the way to safety

06 Sep 2018 2 minutes

See-through wood, self-healing concrete and glowing cement are just some of the emerging smart construction materials. While often novel and aesthetically pleasing, smart materials are also making structures significantly safer.

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Overcoming the trust issue: The PwC Global Blockchain Survey 2018

Overcoming the trust issue: The PwC Global Blockchain Survey 2018

Steve Davies 04 Sep 2018 9 minutes

PwC surveyed businesses globally to understand their blockchain endeavours. While the results show a bigger uptake than expected, adoption troubles need to be overcome. Digital Pulse examines how.

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Infographics: The evolution of retail

Infographic: The evolution of retail

30 Aug 2018 2 minutes

Experience is increasingly important when it comes to brands navigating a retail world where digital is on the rise. Being able to court the right audience and give them an encounter to remember is key to a smart evolution.

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Digital Pulse: Are unicorns real? And other fantastical questions

Are unicorns real? And other fantastical questions

27 Aug 2018 9 minutes

The lauded status of startup unicorns makes them an appealing end goal for innovative new businesses. But how much of the myth is connected to reality?

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Digital Pulse: The data doctor is in

The data doctor is in (and more qualified than you think)

23 Aug 2018 2 minutes

When it comes to health, the term ‘big data’ takes on an entirely new meaning. Not just big, healthcare information is massive in terms of its size and implication.

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The race to embrace 5G: The cities at the forefront

Mohammad Chowdhury 20 Aug 2018 9 minutes

There’s plenty of hype surrounding 5G, and for good reason. Cities are making the most noise in the race to 5G enablement, but the planning needs to start now to work through the challenges and ultimately transform the lives of the citizens within.

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Digital Pulse: An easy leap into quantum computing

An easy leap into quantum computing

16 Aug 2018 6 minutes

Computers with more processing power can process more things. The concept sounds simple, but quantum computers, which are infinitely more powerful than your desktop computer, are anything but.

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The fake news problem (and what to do about it)

John Riccio 14 Aug 2018 9 minutes

Can we trust the headlines anymore? The world is rife with inaccurate, biased and deliberately malicious fake news. While digital solutions attempt to stem the tide of misinformation, businesses need to pay attention to what’s below the fold.

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