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Report: Harnessing the 4th Industrial Revolution for Sustainable Emerging Cities

Joseph Carrozzi 19 Mar 2018 8 minutes

Poverty, disease, inequality and environmental damage are some of the results of a poorly planned city. Emerging technology could be the answer to providing a sustainable future.

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Infographic: CEO Survey – What keeps the top up at night?

John Riccio 15 Mar 2018 6 minutes

A tumultuous geopolitical landscape is shifting the dial of CEOs worries from internal to existential. As societal threats grow, so does their anxiety, PwC’s annual survey found.

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Failure to launch: Five common transformation problems

Berry Driessen 13 Mar 2018 10 minutes

Everyone knows that they need to get with the digital program, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. PwC’s Berry Driessen reveals the top five problems businesses face when attempting a digital transformation.

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Ten tips for social media success

Amy Gibbs Will Feutrill 12 Mar 2018 10 minutes

Social media can be an amazing tool to connect with customers, build brand loyalty, gain unique insights and improve sales. But so many businesses aren’t getting it right. Here are ten things that you need to do right now to win at social.

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Infographic: Are smart cities really smart?

08 Mar 2018 2 minutes

Can existing cities ever be smart or will they just be meccas for tech giants selling digital trinkets? We examine what it means for a city to be smart beyond a layer of technology.

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Mobile World Congress 2018: Changing the game with 5G

Matthew Benwell Mohammad Chowdhury 07 Mar 2018 6 minutes

The initial promise of 5G is huge increases in speed, bandwidth and very low latency. However 5G offers so much more – new business models that will revolutionise not only the telecommunications industry but many others – hyper connectivity, IoT and the enablement of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Editorial: PwC’s 21st CEO Survey – The need for speed

John Riccio 05 Mar 2018 9 minutes

When it comes to technology, CEOs don’t have the need for speed, according to PwC’s latest CEO survey. Of all the threats…

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Infographic: From dumb machines to smart AI

01 Mar 2018 3 minutes

Artificial intelligence has a lot of buzzwords in its orbit, all of them more confusing than the last. If you’re a data scientist, don’t read this. Everyone else? Come on in.

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Hacking the marketing team with analytics

Phil Bolton Will Feutrill 27 Feb 2018 10 minutes

Aligning your marketing and data analytics teams will ensure that your comms hit the spot and the business will grow. Yet almost no one does it to the extent possible. Imagine if you did…

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