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in·no·va·tion – A creation resulting from study and/or experimentation. The act of starting something new.

dis·rup·tion – An act of delaying or interrupting continuity. An event that results in displacement or discontinuity. The act of causing disorder.

Digital change is a journey, not a destination.
It requires agility and flexibility to underpin a continually evolving business environment.

Industry Change – The ongoing economic, technological and social development of commercial business and market sectors.

Infographic: How to make millennials get the message

millennial messaging

As elusive as they are digitally savvy, millennials are mainstays of mobile messaging. Are businesses properly utilising this channel? A survey suggests there’s a welcome opportunity to reach out by text.


Uncovered: Hyperlocal targeting


Richard Blundell hones in on hyperlocal targeting, a technology that helps individuals digitally interact with their immediate surroundings.


Connecting the dots: How big companies can unify customer experiences

customer experience

Large organisations with multiple service offerings should unify the customer experience across their entire portfolio, writes Nick Spooner. After all, many of these customers could be the same people.


Infographic: The importance of customer data

customer research

From the development of data analytics to plotting the ascent of the customer experience, the market research industry has grown rapidly in recent years. This infographic traces the sector’s rise.


Don’t be afraid of data analytics

big decisions 2016

The direct relationship between data and company profits might be difficult to predict but, as John Studley argues, analytics capabilities provide a substantial return on investment.


How digitally savvy is your business?

digital iq

We’re looking for business or technology leaders to take part in PwC’s annual survey of digital technology investment and behaviour within enterprise.


It’s time we reimagined customer loyalty

loyalty scheme

Their name suggests otherwise, but loyalty schemes might not actually foster allegiance to your brand. Philip Otley explains how to approach the next level of rewards programs.


Why buy when you can rent? Signing up to the subscription economy

subscription economy

A new generation of customer prizes access over ownership – paving the way for subscription business models in everything from meals and motors to mobile apps.


Infographic: Of emails and emojis

email survey

In existence for almost half a century, email’s dominance as the default messaging medium shows no signs of abating. This infographic goes behind the inbox to compare Europe’s email habits.


Empathy machines: Turning to tech to aid mental wellbeing

virtual reality healthcare

On World Mental Health Day, Suji Kanagalingam explores how cutting edge digital technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence are delivering a new experience in mental health treatment.