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Digital Pulse

in·no·va·tion – A creation resulting from study and/or experimentation. The act of starting something new.

dis·rup·tion – An act of delaying or interrupting continuity. An event that results in displacement or discontinuity. The act of causing disorder.

Digital change is a journey, not a destination.
It requires agility and flexibility to underpin a continually evolving business environment.

Industry Change – The ongoing economic, technological and social development of commercial business and market sectors.

Your next digital innovation could stem from nature


From drones to design thinking, technology and innovation is being inspired by natural processes. Here’s how biomimicry could play a role in shaping the future.


Infographic: Unboxing the subscription economy

subscription economy

Powered by new digital technologies, the subscription economy has changed the face of online shopping. How are consumers responding to these curated services and experiences?


How robots can create happier customers

Mostly known for its ability to cut costs and increase efficiency, robotic process automation has a softer side. Brandon Stafford explains the ways RPA can improve the customer experience.


Infographic: Mobile commerce reshapes retail sales

Black Friday

As Black Friday sales go global, mobile commerce continues to change the way consumers browse and shop. What can retailers learn in the lead up to Christmas?


Data analytics trends: Who’s being left behind?

data analytics trends

Data-driven decision-making is becoming business as usual. John Studley compares our 2014 and 2016 reports to chart how data analytics has evolved in enterprise.


My year without cash

digital currency

Who needs paper money, anyway? Brett Fairbank doesn’t – or at least, that’s the hypothesis. We find out what it’s like to go a year without using a single ATM, coin or banknote.


Four key takeaways from Dreamforce 2016

With over 3,300 sessions, there was a lot to absorb at one of the world’s largest technology conferences. We summarise the key themes from Salesforce’s Dreamforce 2016 event.


The frozen obstacle that can hold up your transformation

digital transformation

A crucial part of digital transformation is the changing of mindsets, which requires the vision to be clearly communicated. Nick Spooner discusses the ‘frozen middle’, a secret saboteur of change agendas.


The industries that are building links to blockchain


From tourism to digital asset management, blockchain is ready for mainstream adoption. John Shipman pores over the technology’s commercial opportunities.


Video: Responding to the robot revolution

rise of robots

Automation and robotics could rapidly changing the way we work and learn. Author of ‘Rise of the Robots’, Martin Ford, and PwC’s Head of People, Jon Williams, discuss the impact that robotics could have on communities, government and organisations.