When it comes to digital innovation, some organisations will opt for an incremental approach, moulding their current offering to take advantage of new technologies and satisfy evolving customer behaviours. Others choose to utterly transform their offering by forming an entirely new mindset, no matter what disruptive outcomes may occur.

In this video, part of a four-part series looking at digital trends from across the globe, we ask the leaders of PwC’s Digital Services: ‘Where have you seen real value created by organisations that have embraced a digital-first approach?’

From the US bank that transformed its value chain from end-to-end, to the university that extended its relationship with students beyond their immediate education, PwC’s Digital Services leaders share case studies from around the world that exemplify a truly digital mindset.

Offering their global insights are Tom Puthiyamadam, Global PwC Digital Services Leader (US); John Riccio, Digital Services Leader, PwC Australia; Sean Mahdi, Digital & Emerging Technologies Leader, PwC UK; and Nadir Hirji, Digital Leader, PwC Canada.