In PwC’s Global Digital IQ Survey 2015, business and IT executives were asked, ‘What value do you expect from your digital enterprise investments?’. The results suggested a reserved approach – while 45% of respondents said their primary aim was to increase revenue, a mere 1% focused on disruption as a priority.

With ‘disruption’ having been such a pivotal force in recent years – not to mention one of the business world’s favourite buzzwords – what is the reality?

Why are so few enterprises choosing to turn industries on their heads, instead putting their efforts towards shorter term, revenue-related goals? And which industries are playing a more bold disruption game than others?

We spoke to the global leaders of PwC’s Digital Services to understand the different perspectives of what disruption means to them. From a misunderstood phrase to a concept that has yet to fully come into fruition, it seems disruption is still making its mark.

Featuring Tom Puthiyamadam, Global PwC Digital Services Leader (US); John Riccio, Digital Services Leader, PwC Australia; Sean Mahdi, Digital & Emerging Technologies Leader, PwC UK; and Nadir Hirji, Digital Leader, PwC Canada.