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Report: Rapid adoption of wearables, 2016

John Riccio 13 May 2016 7 minutes

Most Australians now own a wearable device but have they really bought into the concept? John Riccio looks at the results of PwC’s latest report into wearable technology to uncover just how essential we believe them to be.

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Infographic: Wearable tech and the future of digital health

21 Apr 2016 3 minutes

After a relatively slow start, wearable technology is primed to reinvent the healthcare and health insurance industries, improving consumer wellbeing and offering billions in savings.

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The trouble with wearables: Security and implementation

Andrew Gordon 15 Feb 2016 10 minutes

Prepare for deployment, the wearables revolution is here! But wait – what’s the security impact of connecting staff to monitoring devices? Andrew Gordon addresses the concerns.

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Video: Digital trends 2016

18 Dec 2015 44 seconds

We interview the leaders of PwC Digital Services in Australia, the US, the UK and Canada, to uncover the trends they predict will drive digital in 2016.

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The rise of wearables in the workforce

10 Aug 2015 5 minutes

With employees showing growing acceptance of wearable devices in enterprise, Nick Spooner assesses the various ways that businesses can put the technology to work.

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Three strategies for deploying mobile devices in the workplace

20 Jul 2015 5 minutes

The shift towards BYOD and wearables has unleashed the potential of a connected workplace. Nick Spooner looks at how to harness enterprise mobility to drive business growth.

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Keep flexible and carry on: policies for a mobile workforce

08 Jul 2015 7 minutes

As technology companies increasingly adopt flexible practices to attract staff, what are the considerations for maintaining a mobile workforce?

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Infographic: Wearable technology for the fashion-conscious consumer

04 Jun 2015 1 minute

Wearable technology is increasingly merging with items that were once the domain of the fashion industry, producing useful devices that tick the style box, too.

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Crowdfunding injects record-breaking finance for healthcare wearable

20 May 2015 4 minutes

A healthcare device to monitor patients with Parkinson’s disease wins $1.5 million investment via crowdfunding – a route to technology finance that looks set to grow with government support.

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