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Tech tales from the conflict zone

Gulandam Khan 06 Feb 2018 9 minutes

A surprising amount of technology that is now part of our everyday lives was pioneered on the frontier of foreign aid efforts. As private companies step up to fill a vacuum left by governments in this area, the solutions to these problems are becoming bolder, and riskier.

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Chatbots and the five rules of conversational experience

Sean Colvin Will Kingston 12 Sep 2017 9 minutes

So you’ve decided on a chatbot for your business. Have you got a strategy? Implementing an AI helper takes more than just IT. Sean Colvin flags five considerations to create a truly conversational experience.

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Are virtual assistants blind to brand?

Will Kingston 31 Jul 2017 9 minutes

As people buy products recommended via their voice-activated virtual assistants, the importance of brand may diminish. Here are three things brands need to rethink to stay relevant in this blind new world.

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Uncovered: Natural language processing

Daintree Peters 31 Aug 2016 10 minutes

Whether swiping, typing or clicking, the way we interact with digital devices has been highly structured. Not any more, writes Daintree Peters. With natural language processing, machines are really beginning to understand us.

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Infographic: Chatbots and the future of customer service

17 Aug 2016 1 minute

Chatbots are increasingly being adopted by businesses and organisations but how ready are we to interact with them? This infographic asks consumers to talk about the future face of customer service.

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Software giants bet big on bots

06 Apr 2016 7 minutes

Tech titans such as Microsoft and Facebook are racing to integrate bots into their products. Will the technology mean we eventually bypass mobile apps?

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Virtual assistants: Connecting users in the digital age

12 May 2014 2 minutes

The rise of virtual assistants has enabled more people to connect with technology – which will become increasingly important.

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