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Love your staff or lose your customers

Richard Blundell 11 Dec 2017 8 minutes

Empowering customer-facing staff with technology and new practices is the key to delivering your brand strategy and preventing negative experiences that go viral.

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Digital delivery: A new take on offshoring

Digital delivery: A fresh take on offshoring

Monty Hamilton 06 Nov 2017 9 minutes

Companies need to scale but the fear of outsourcing due to its ugly history also excludes them from pools of talent beyond borders. Monty Hamilton examines the new technologies allowing digital teams to extend workplaces geographically.

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Are electroceuticals the pulse of a new health era?

Richard Royle 17 Oct 2017 8 minutes

Pharmaceutical companies are experimenting with a drug-free future. They’re not alone, teaming up with tech companies in the business of bioelectronics. Why is the industry looking to electroceuticals for its next health kick?

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Saving lives and managing disasters with technology

Amy Gibbs 19 Sep 2017 11 minutes

Technology can’t stop natural disasters from happening, but it is proving essential when it comes to responding to them. Here are four life-saving developments in emergency management.

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The future of healthcare: Bringing patient data to life

Vaughn Kauffman 29 Aug 2017 9 minutes

Do hospitals need more doctors or data analysts? Is physical space more important, or digital real estate? We ask Vaughn Kauffman, head of PwC’s Health Services and New Entrants Advisory, for his prognosis for innovation in health services.

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Infographic: Sensing opportunity with the internet of things

03 Aug 2017 1 minute

From healthcare to agriculture, the internet of things promises great benefits to business and industry – though there are challenges to overcome in implementation.

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Infographic: 100 years into the future

27 Jul 2017 1 minute

What might the future look like? Space travel, cities under the sea and medical pods – these are just some of the wonderful things imagined for 2116.

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Creating inclusive societies with digital technology

Gulandam Khan 03 Jul 2017 12 minutes

How can governments harness technology to build more inclusive societies and economies? That was the discussion at a gathering of global policymakers and industry leaders. Gulandam Khan reports from the OECD Forum in Paris.

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The rise of the chief digital officer

John Riccio 23 Jun 2017 7 minutes

A rise in the number and background of chief digital officers indicates an increasing desire for digital maturity by business. But does the desire match the reality?

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