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Designing humanity: Human-centred principles to put people first

Designing humanity: Human-centred principles to put people first

Natalie Kyriacou OAM 10 Jun 2020 7 minutes

To ensure that the future doesn’t become a battle between technology and humanity, people’s needs must be at the heart of tech-related decision-making. PwC Australia’s Natalie Kyriacou OAM explains how human-centred principles will pave the way.

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disconnected cloud hybrid cloud

Ahead in the cloud: How disconnected cloud options offer industry-happy solutions

Naga Kadirvelu Adam Magee 04 Jun 2020 10 minutes

For businesses operating in remote terrain or with sensitive data, such as defence, healthcare, justice or critical infrastructure, ‘the cloud’ has been fraught with danger. Hybrid cloud and edge computing offer safe solutions with all the benefits.

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virtual collaboration

Business (not) as usual: Tips for strategic virtual collaboration

Karyn Hobbs Justin Homer 08 Apr 2020 8 minutes

A productive, aligned and strategic meeting is possible, even when your team isn’t in the same room, if you set up your virtual collaboration using these key principles.

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crisis planning

When the unexpected happens: Crisis planning for business

07 Apr 2020 12 minutes

Not only is a crisis unexpected, it almost never plays out the way you think it will. By considering the types of threats at play and adopting a ‘meta-readiness’ approach, organisations can prepare for an event that simply won’t ‘go to plan’.

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humans technology EmTech Exchange

Can we become better humans through technology?

Chrisie Wendin 03 Apr 2020 9 minutes

At PwC’s annual Emerging Tech Exchange, leading thinkers from academia, industry and business explored the intersection of technology and humanity. Here are key insights from their discussions and hands-on experimentation.

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succeed in uncertain times

The courage to succeed: How to face uncertainty in business

Organisations are facing uncertainty in all facets of business. Instead of battening down the hatches, it’s time to embrace the ambiguity of the future and develop options to succeed no matter which way the wind blows.

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PwC's 23rd CEO Survey

PwC’s 23rd CEO Survey: The technology troubles driving CEO uncertainty

28 Jan 2020 8 minutes

In this year’s PwC 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey, pessimism has risen with uncertainty. With no common standards or global framework for governing its practices, the perils of an unregulated internet — such as its content and consumer data privacy— looms large in CEO minds.

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digital adoption

Game the change for employee digital adoption

David Clarke 23 Jan 2020 8 minutes

So you have to change your business, your tech or your software. How do you encourage digital adoption among your employees? With a new map and different approach, explains PwC US’s Chief Experience Officer, David Clarke.

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Digital Pulse PwC food trust

Taking a byte: How digital solutions are transforming food

George Stancu Vidhya Thangarajan 14 Jan 2020 6 minutes

Where our food comes from matters. A recent digital transformation and an innovative solution offer insight into two ingredients that are creating a future worth taking a bite out of.

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