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in·no·va·tion – A creation resulting from study and/or experimentation. The act of starting something new.

dis·rup·tion – An act of delaying or interrupting continuity. An event that results in displacement or discontinuity. The act of causing disorder.

Digital change is a journey, not a destination.
It requires agility and flexibility to underpin a continually evolving business environment.

Industry Change – The ongoing economic, technological and social development of commercial business and market sectors.

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How to build a business platform

How to build a business platform

Organisations from retailers to banks are using digital platforms to make their products and services more accessible. Andrew Sklar shares his insights on delivering a platform at enterprise level.

haptic feedback

The power of touch: Making sense of haptic feedback

Giving sense and presence to intangible digital environments, haptic feedback technology might soon be providing experiences extending far beyond vibrating alerts.

language technology

Infographic: Technology redefines language

What’s the effect of technology on our tongues? This infographic captures the digital world’s effect on language, comparing well known words with their historical meanings.

pwc next

How APIs enabled enterprise to open up

In the 1980s, computing technologies were a closely-guarded proprietary secret. Now, open architecture is more likely to be seen as a competitive necessity. Tim Larcos explains why companies should embrace openness.

uncovered microservices architecture

Uncovered: Microservices – architecting for agility

As the number and complexity of platforms and devices grow, how can organisations ensure they are able to turn out digital solutions with speed and agility? Solution designers are now turning to a new approach to application development: microservices architecture.

performance review

Performance matters: How digital is changing employee reviews

From crowdsourced data analytics to mobile technology, more and more companies are using digital tools to improve the way we are being assessed and remunerated at work.

Moore's law is no more

Moore’s law no more

Since the dawn of the computer age, Moore’s law has been a vital roadmap for the rapidly advancing technology industry. Half a century later, however, the rule is losing relevancy and may soon be abandoned altogether.


Software giants bet big on bots

Tech titans such as Microsoft and Facebook are racing to integrate bots into their products. Will the technology mean we eventually bypass mobile apps?


CEO Survey: Leaders take a greater focus on technology

PwC’s 19th Global CEO Survey has been released, revealing an Australian leadership that’s fixated on technology, with cyber security and data analytics front of mind.


It’s nothing new – so why now for RFID?

It was hailed as ‘the next big thing’ for over a decade but adoption remained slow… until now. In part two of this series, Chris Warry delves into the reasons retailers are rethinking their approach to RFID technology.