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GRC software

Removing risk and conquering compliance with GRC software

Robert Vine Tessa Smith 31 Mar 2021 11 minutes

For large organisations, understanding how risk, governance and compliance are managed across the business can be difficult and the cost of not knowing high, with customers, jobs and brand on the line.

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5G impact report

Five industries where 5G will make the most impact by 2030

Wilson Chow 03 Mar 2021 8 minutes

While 5G will take a little while longer to rollout, when it does, the benefits to the global economy will reach into the trillions. Here’s where that value will lie and what business can do to capitalise on its potential.

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DDO Design and Distribution Obligation

Meeting the Design and Distribution Obligation with technology

Michael Ng 24 Feb 2021 7 minutes

To ensure customers are only sold the right products to meet their needs, new regulations are being placed on financial services. Technology will be key to ensuring these obligations don’t become a burden on staff or customers.

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Cloud migration

Six questions to ask when migrating to the cloud

Robert Nikolouzos 18 Feb 2021 8 minutes

Countless businesses are cutting the physical tethers and migrating to cloud-based computing. Before you fly away into the unknown, ask yourself these six questions.

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technology innovation

Technology: The final part of the product innovation puzzle

The right technological foundations will allow organisations to capitalise on their investment dollars and create an intelligent ecosystem that will future proof their product innovation for years to come.

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Edge computing

101: Edge computing and the future of cloud

24 Nov 2020 11 minutes

Edge computing is set to bring cloud computing down to earth with faster speeds, lower latency and less cost. Here’s everything you need to know about life on the edge.

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Strategic portfolio management

Three steps to manage your digital portfolio during times of change

Brent Gimpel 17 Nov 2020 9 minutes

COVID-19 has hastened the need to digitalise, but it has also caused the uncertainty that makes doing so complicated. Strategic management of your tech portfolio ensures the benefits are delivered in the smartest, safest way.

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digital twin

101: Predicting the future with digital twin technology

07 Oct 2020 12 minutes

Ready to gaze into the crystal ball? Digital twin technology creates a virtual replica of your assets, systems or business and lets you model the future and inform your strategic changes.

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cyber recovery

After the storm: What your tech, legal and risk functions should do after a cyber attack

In the final part of our cyber security series we look at what the tech, legal and risk functions in an organisation need to do post-attack.

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