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The rise of the chief digital officer

John Riccio 23 Jun 2017 7 minutes

A rise in the number and background of chief digital officers indicates an increasing desire for digital maturity by business. But does the desire match the reality?

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Digital transformation? Don’t forget your product.

Monty Hamilton 13 Jun 2017 7 minutes

It’s time to evolve beyond digitising customer interactions from just a sales and service perspective. Digitising the product itself can put you ahead of traditional rivals. Monty Hamilton looks at the next step for transformation.

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Infographic: Ten principles of strategy through execution

05 May 2017 2 minutes

Based on Strategy&’s experience of working with global organisations, we’ve formulated a ten-step guide to help you build stronger links between business strategy and execution.

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How robots can create happier customers

Brandon Stafford 05 Dec 2016 8 minutes

Mostly known for its ability to cut costs and increase efficiency, robotic process automation has a softer side. Brandon Stafford explains the ways RPA can improve the customer experience.

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The future of banking and thinking small

Why big banks must start to think small

26 Sep 2016 6 minutes

When your products are identical to your competitors, what separates you from each other? Jim Christodouleas argues that Australia’s banks need to tighten their aspirations and connect with a more targeted customer base.

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Report: Are Australian businesses truly data-driven?

John Studley 06 Sep 2016 7 minutes

Data-based decision making is being embraced globally, yet a majority of Australian businesses are falling behind. John Studley crunches the numbers behind Big Decisions 2016, the data analytics report from PwC.

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How to establish a successful digital partnership

Nick Spooner 07 Mar 2016 9 minutes

Digital partnerships are an alluring prospect for many reasons, but an alliance can also have its pitfalls. Nick Spooner offers a navigational guide to establishing a successful working relationship.

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Perfect match: Why it’s important to find the right digital partner

Nick Spooner 29 Feb 2016 5 minutes

For businesses facing digital transformation, ‘going it alone’ is set to become a thing of the past. Nick Spooner explains why finding the right digital partner is mission critical when it comes to delivering an exemplary customer experience.

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Video: Organisations that adopt a digital-first approach

27 Jan 2016 1 minute

Where have you seen real value created by organisations that have embraced a digital-first approach? PwC’s Digital Services leaders share case studies from around the world that exemplify a truly digital mindset.

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