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Digital Pulse - Infographic: The changing role of the data minder

Infographic: The changing role of the data minder

28 Jun 2018 1 minute

Does your business have a Chief Data Officer? They’re on the rise, and companies who want to stay ahead need to play the data game well.

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The secrets to CRM project success

The secrets to CRM success

Michael Diamond 21 Jun 2018 8 minutes

Far too many CRM adoptions fail in spectacular, multimillion-dollar fashion. But they needn’t, and success lies in ensuring you make the right choices about how the platform will scale to support your business growth goals.

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Report: CEO Survey – the opportunity in the skills shortage

John Riccio 19 Feb 2018 10 minutes

While workers worry that their jobs will be made obsolete, PwC’s latest CEO Survey finds chief executives believe it’s their role to reskill employees. As talent pools become shallower, this may be crucial, says PwC’s John Riccio.

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The secrets of fast growing companies

Kate Bennett Eriksson 28 Nov 2017 9 minutes

Businesses need to create new value to compete. PwC partner Kate Eriksson believes companies should reconsider these four characteristics that their high growth peers embody.

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The new milk run: New business models for old businesses

John Riccio 16 Nov 2017 8 minutes

Technology and consumer preferences are disrupting traditional business models. Companies that tap into these changes will ensure their business profitability doesn’t go sour.

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Seeking innovation from the ground up

Kate Bennett Eriksson 11 Sep 2017 13 minutes

Crowdsourcing ideas from staff and customers allows businesses to capitalise on a wider set of skills, knowledge and experience. Kate Eriksson examines the benefits of bottom-up innovation.

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Infographic: Talkin’ ’bout my generation… in the workplace

07 Sep 2017 2 minutes

As we enter an era where workers need adaptable skillsets, Generations X, Y and Z may require distinct approaches when it comes to nurturing agility.

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Video: Responding to AI for real business value

Matt Kuperholz 13 Jul 2017 2 minutes

Is artificial intelligence about to move from the future to the now? PwC’s Matt Kuperholz, Kate Eriksson and John Studley discuss the value that AI will bring to business.

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Thawing the resistance to digital transformation

Philip Otley Dr Alex Klat-Smith 11 Jul 2017 10 minutes

The frozen middle of a business can put a stop to innovation and transformation. Thawing out politics, behaviours and mindsets isn’t always easy, but it can be achieved with a strategic approach.

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