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The secrets of fast growing companies

Kate Bennett Eriksson 28 Nov 2017 9 minutes

Businesses need to create new value to compete. PwC partner Kate Eriksson believes companies should reconsider these four characteristics that their high growth peers embody.

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The new milk run

John Riccio 16 Nov 2017 8 minutes

Technology and consumer preferences are disrupting traditional business models. Companies that tap into these changes will ensure their business profitability doesn’t go sour.

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Seeking innovation from the ground up

Kate Bennett Eriksson 11 Sep 2017 13 minutes

Crowdsourcing ideas from staff and customers allows businesses to capitalise on a wider set of skills, knowledge and experience. Kate Eriksson examines the benefits of bottom-up innovation.

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Infographic: Talkin’ ’bout my generation… in the workplace

07 Sep 2017 2 minutes

As we enter an era where workers need adaptable skillsets, Generations X, Y and Z may require distinct approaches when it comes to nurturing agility.

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Video: Responding to AI for real business value

Matt Kuperholz 13 Jul 2017 2 minutes

Is artificial intelligence about to move from the future to the now? PwC’s Matt Kuperholz, Kate Eriksson and John Studley discuss the value that AI will bring to business.

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Thawing the resistance to digital transformation

Philip Otley Alex Klat-Smith 11 Jul 2017 10 minutes

The frozen middle of a business can put a stop to innovation and transformation. Thawing out politics, behaviours and mindsets isn’t always easy, but it can be achieved with a strategic approach.

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Why conversation is the future of customer experience

Sean Colvin Will Kingston 07 Jul 2017 8 minutes

When it comes to customer experience, messaging apps, AI and voice assistants are capitalising on the art of a good conversation. Brands that get this communication right will reap the rewards of the intelligent experience economy.

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The rise of the chief digital officer

John Riccio 23 Jun 2017 7 minutes

A rise in the number and background of chief digital officers indicates an increasing desire for digital maturity by business. But does the desire match the reality?

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Digital transformation? Don’t forget your product.

Monty Hamilton 13 Jun 2017 7 minutes

It’s time to evolve beyond digitising customer interactions from just a sales and service perspective. Digitising the product itself can put you ahead of traditional rivals. Monty Hamilton looks at the next step for transformation.

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