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PwC's 22nd Global CEO Survey

PwC’s 22nd Global CEO Survey: The gap holding chief executives back

23 Jan 2019 6 minutes

What were CEOs doing in 2009? They probably still had a blackberry and Windows XP. Times and tech have changed, yet according to the PwC Global CEO Survey, the gap between the information that leaders need to run their businesses and what they actually get, definitely hasn’t.

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Digital Pulse Curiosity Silos

Breaking the curiosity silo for success

Tom Puthiyamadam 11 Sep 2018 8 minutes

With technological change increasing, employees need to be adaptable and multi-skilled in order for organisations to succeed. Sparking their desire for learning will lead to curiosity and better business solutions.

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Reimagining the search for digital talent

Andrew Jamieson 12 Jun 2018 7 minutes

New Zealand businesses are nervous about attracting the right digital talent. But they should first focus on getting their house in order, and identifying their customer needs, and the skills they already have, PwC’s Andrew Jamieson says.

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Report: CEO Survey – the opportunity in the skills shortage

John Riccio 19 Feb 2018 10 minutes

While workers worry that their jobs will be made obsolete, PwC’s latest CEO Survey finds chief executives believe it’s their role to reskill employees. As talent pools become shallower, this may be crucial, says PwC’s John Riccio.

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Equipping for the digital future with code

24 Apr 2014 2 minutes

Unlocking the potential of the start-up economy will rely on more than cursory knowledge – starting with learning code is a safe bet.

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Start With Code: Equipping the next generation

Trent Lund 11 Apr 2014 3 minutes

The release of an ebook from Google about the importance of coding highlights just how much work is needed to equip the next generation.

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