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Leverage the lessons of the US to digitise our hospitals

John Forsythe 12 Sep 2016 9 minutes

In 2015, the United States had 1,414 digital hospitals. In Australia, there was one. Despite a high standard of healthcare, why is there a delay in transforming Australia’s hospitals?

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How to establish an RFID strategy

12 Jan 2016 8 minutes

The RFID sector is said to be reaching a tipping point. In the final part of our series, Chris Warry explains how organisations can navigate the journey to adopting this tagging and tracking technology.

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It’s nothing new – so why now for RFID?

16 Dec 2015 6 minutes

It was hailed as ‘the next big thing’ for over a decade but adoption remained slow… until now. In part two of this series, Chris Warry delves into the reasons retailers are rethinking their approach to RFID technology.

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The return of RFID to the retailers’ radar

09 Dec 2015 5 minutes

RFID technology has been around for decades, but the rise of the connected customer has driven it back into fashion, says Chris Warry. Retailers are now clamouring to adopt the technology that offers real-time tracking of inventory.

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