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Leading the way to future of work with Intelligent Digital

Mini Prasad 26 May 2018 11 minutes

How does business prepare for a future where technological advances have the power to change the work we do, and the way we do it? It will take the right mix of human and machine, new styles of leadership and innovative people management. Is business up to the challenge?

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Video: Robot dogs, humanoids and the uncanny valley

Cyrus Facciano 25 May 2018 3 minutes

Robot pets with their big eyes and loving replication of affection are adorable, but when robots start to replicate human qualities, like doing backflips and sweat… the pendulum swings to creepy. But why? The answer lives in the mysterious ‘uncanny valley’.

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Why higher education needs to adopt a customer experience approach

Andrew Jamieson 25 May 2018 10 minutes

Good customer experience leads to increased loyalty, consumers who will pay more and positive shared stories. It’s time that higher education started thinking of their students as customers to reap the benefits.

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