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Copyright legislation is only half the battle for media companies

Tan Allaway 24 Jun 2015 4 minutes

This week, the Australian government passed new laws to protect copyright. But legislation alone won’t eliminate piracy. Consumers want access to entertainment quickly and conveniently. Offer it to them, and illegal downloading may decline.

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Call to regulate Uber and Airbnb reflects mainstreaming of the sharing economy

John Riccio 27 Jan 2015 3 minutes

The Labour Government’s call to regulate companies like AirBnb and Uber is proof that the sharing economy is here to stay.

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Podcast: Fitbit, the courts and private data

21 Nov 2014 1 minute

The use of Fitbit data in a court case suggests the influence of data from connected devices will only continue to grow – our podcast explores the issue.

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New online privacy regulations – consumers buy from whom they trust

12 Mar 2014 5 minutes

Privacy regulations introduced this week are the largest changes in 25 years – and underscore how the importance of gaining consumers’ trust

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Regulation and the collaborative consumption problem

14 Feb 2014 2 minutes

The collaborative consumption trend is putting more power into the hands of consumers, but it can come with a heavy regulatory burden.

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Making financial sense of the social landscape

09 Jan 2014 3 minutes

Navigating the social landscape is difficult enough, but those businesses able to track sales and financial returns will be the most successful.

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