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Eight tech trends that will dominate 2014 – and what they actually mean

07 Jan 2014 8 minutes

Technology and digital will control the conversation over the next 12 months. Here are eight tech trends that will become more prominent in 2014.

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How the internet of things will change the way consumers think

16 Dec 2013 2 minutes

The internet of things will provide a huge amount of information for users and businesses – but it’s also going to change consumers’ expectations.

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The seven technologies that will define the rest of the decade

24 Nov 2013 8 minutes

Although changing at a rapid rate, there are some technologies that seem to stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of development, adoption and evolution. We examine which seven technologies and trends you should keep an eye on over the next 10 years.

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Infographic: Meaningful digital connections through the Internet of Things

Nirosha Methananda 19 Feb 2013 50 seconds

Described as being the ‘most disruptive technology to sweep the globe’, this infographic explores how the internet of things is set to make meaningful digital connections in the real world.

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2013 Enterprise IT Influencers – Exploring the impact of the ‘Internet of Things’

Trent Lund 24 Jan 2013 5 minutes

The Internet of Things (IoT) holds a veritably large opportunity for enterprises to harness the power of technology for both internal and external purposes. Trent Lund delves into the benefits of this rapidly growing ecosystem for businesses.

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