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The innovation statement: Australia, it’s time to shine

Kate Bennett Eriksson 07 Dec 2015 7 minutes

The Australian government has unleashed ‘the ideas boom’ – its innovation agenda for the nation. Kate Eriksson, Head of Disruption at PwC, shares her highlights from the statement.

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Do we need to think multi-speed to gain advantage in our digital world?

Philip Otley 05 Oct 2015 4 minutes

Chairing the CEDA Digital Bytes event on digital disruption, Philip Otley raises the question on everybody’s lips: maybe it’s less about where your organisation should go, more about how to get there?

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Innovation and business complexity pose a threat to cyber security

29 Sep 2015 7 minutes

The increasing complexity of systems and processes in large enterprises, and the growing focus on agile innovation, is making it harder to secure valuable information. Here are some strategies for managing risk.

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Connecting corporates to the startup community

Kate Bennett Eriksson 24 Sep 2015 9 minutes

Tapping into the power of start-ups is inevitable for big businesses seeking innovation. Kate Eriksson delves into the options for collaboration and what it means for the partners involved.

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PwC recognised for excellence in innovation at the 2015 Australian Business Awards

Trent Lund 21 Aug 2015 5 minutes

PwC took home two awards at the 2015 Australian Business Awards, establishing itself as a major force in product innovation for the second year in a row.

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Report: How technology can help small business drive big growth

Duncan Stone 17 Aug 2015 4 minutes

Australian small businesses are placed to unlock billions of dollars in economic value by embracing digital, according to trailblazing new research by Google and PwC.

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Podcast: Innovation for the entertainment and media industry

David Wiadrowski 26 Jun 2015 12 minutes

What approach do media companies take towards innovation? The 2015 PwC Entertainment and Media Outlook highlights seven forms of innovation that industry organisations must strive to implement, in order to survive disruption.

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Editorial: Who drives the innovation agenda?

Sammy Kumar 22 Jun 2015 7 minutes

The strongest economies in the world are driven by innovation and investment in knowledge capital. Sammy Kumar explains why businesses, government and higher education must band together to ensure Australia gains a firm position in tomorrow’s digitally disrupted world.

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Video: Where’s the big idea? Watch Norman Lewis’ speech on innovation and creativity at Amplify festival

10 Jun 2015 1 minute

Tying in with his Digital Pulse interview, Director at PwC UK, Norman Lewis talks about how our quest for predictability has driven a conservative approach to innovation.

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