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Report: The internet’s effect on creative industries

Tan Allaway 07 Mar 2017 8 minutes

‘Unlimited shelf space’ online has reshaped how content is produced and consumed. A study by PwC’s Strategy& looks at video, books, music, print and gaming to reveal how digitisation has boosted the creative economy.

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Understanding customer behaviour will turn toys into solutions

Will Kingston 02 Mar 2017 10 minutes

Technology designed without behavioural insight is a gimmick – not a business solution. Will Kingston explains how behavioural science can drive innovation.

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TechCrunch Disrupt: A dash of AI with everything

Marina Paronetto 16 Dec 2016 7 minutes

Artificial intelligence was the star of the show at TechCrunch Disrupt 2016. Marina Paronetto reports back from London, where the conference was taking its regular pulse-check of the world’s startup scene.

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Your next digital innovation could stem from nature

08 Dec 2016 7 minutes

From drones to design thinking, technology and innovation is being inspired by natural processes. Here’s how biomimicry could play a role in shaping the future.

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The power of touch: Making sense of haptic feedback

14 Nov 2016 6 minutes

Giving sense and presence to intangible digital environments, haptic feedback technology might soon be providing experiences extending far beyond vibrating alerts.

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The secret link between innovation and wellbeing

Kate Bennett Eriksson 31 Oct 2016 8 minutes

To stay competitive, organisations must adapt to change like never before. Kate Eriksson argues that, by focusing on improving the mental health and experience of employees, companies could be opening a door to firm-wide innovation.

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Innovation, design thinking, agile… where are they now?

Kate Bennett Eriksson 15 Sep 2016 9 minutes

As buzzwords, they’ve left no business untouched. How are design thinking, innovation and agile development performing these days? Kate Eriksson looks at how the business community has worked with these concepts over time.

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Hack the marketing department: Unlocking innovation in every workplace

18 Aug 2016 8 minutes

Formerly the domain of technology companies, hackathons are empowering a range of other businesses and industries. Ellie Gurgiel reflects on a recent hackathon and the opportunities it represents for the marketing profession.

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The future landscape of finance

Renovating from the outside in: The future landscape of finance

11 Aug 2016 7 minutes

What developments await the global banking industry on the road to 2020? We interview PwC’s head of financial services advisory, John Garvey on APIs, open architecture and fintech partnerships.

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