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Open Banking and the currency of consumer trust

Kate Bennett Eriksson 05 Jun 2018 8 minutes

With the announcement of the Customer Data Right, Open Banking in Australia is on its way. But what is it, and how can banks prepare? We look at the challenges and opportunities in opening up.

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Digital Pulse: Opening up in the age of transparency

Opening up in the age of transparency

Adnan Jaswal 04 Jun 2018 8 minutes

As society moves towards openness, traditional business models will increasingly become inefficient and untenable. From open data to open banking, companies need to open their minds to new ways of retaining a competitive edge.

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Digital Pulse: Can you hear me? How a hackathon helped create a sense of connectionDigital Pulse: Can you hear me? How a hackathon helped create a sense of connection
Case Study

Can you hear me? How a hackathon created a sense of connection

Brent Gimpel 30 May 2018 7 minutes

This year’s #Hack4Good proved that important societal problems can be solved even when under extreme time pressure. PwC’s Brent Gimpel participated and explains innovating through a hackathon.

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Restoring Australia’s trade reputation through digital

Richard Blundell 28 May 2018 8 minutes

Australia lags behind its economic counterparts on trade, due in large part to the lack of digitisation in the logistics sector. But a new platform, the Trade Community System, could unlock billions in value and help the nation reach its economic potential.

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Digital pulse - Coming face to face with a digital government

Coming face to face with a digital government

Gulandam Khan Dean Isreb 14 May 2018 9 minutes

Governments are under pressure to ‘do digital’ but often, innovation stops short of realising the true benefit of technological implementation – adding capacity to do more for people that need it.

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Why the superannuation industry is ready for disruption

Joe Brasacchio 17 Apr 2018 8 minutes

Superannuation funds have traditionally placed themselves at the passive end of the value chain. But with the vast amount of data flowing through them, they are well placed to reimagine themselves as active participants in people’s lives. If they dare.

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Infographic: Oops, they did it again

01 Feb 2018 2 minutes

Many of life’s great inventions have come about as accidents on the road to other goals. Having a direction for your business is critical, but it’s in the space between the vision and the destination where the opportunity to take advantage of unexpected – and the true value – lies.

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Report: The innovative new role of the CFO

John Shipman 12 Dec 2017 6 minutes

Beyond assurance and payroll, today’s CFOs are leading business innovation by embracing data and emerging technology to provide strategic insight and create value.

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Report: 2017 Global Innovation 1000

04 Dec 2017 8 minutes

A global trend towards economic nationalism means some of the world’s biggest R&D spenders will need to find new innovation tricks in order to compete, PwC Strategy&’s annual survey predicts.

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