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Report: 2017 Global Innovation 1000

04 Dec 2017 8 minutes

A global trend towards economic nationalism means some of the world’s biggest R&D spenders will need to find new innovation tricks in order to compete, PwC Strategy&’s annual survey predicts.

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Infographic: The future (tech) of business

30 Nov 2017 2 minutes

Technology that arrives in the next few years and beyond must be planned for now if businesses want to provide contemporary experiences in the future.

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The secrets of fast growing companies

Kate Bennett Eriksson 28 Nov 2017 9 minutes

Businesses need to create new value to compete. PwC partner Kate Eriksson believes companies should reconsider these four characteristics that their high growth peers embody.

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Seeking innovation from the ground up

Kate Bennett Eriksson 11 Sep 2017 13 minutes

Crowdsourcing ideas from staff and customers allows businesses to capitalise on a wider set of skills, knowledge and experience. Kate Eriksson examines the benefits of bottom-up innovation.

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Using science fiction to explore business innovation

Amy Gibbs 05 Sep 2017 9 minutes

To compete, businesses understand they need to innovate, embrace digital disruption and transform offerings. Knowing how to begin that journey is tricky. Science fiction provides an accessible starting point.

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Around the world in insurtech

Nick Spooner 04 Sep 2017 11 minutes

Globally, insurtech is establishing itself in a variety of places. Australia has all the building blocks to lead in insurance innovation. What could the future hold if insurance, tech and regulators worked together?

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Balancing on the tightrope: How government can embrace innovation in a high-risk world

Gulandam Khan 28 Aug 2017 9 minutes

Government needs to innovate and experiment, but public scrutiny denies it the chance to fail fast. Here are three ways the public sector can drive change without the risk.

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Infographic: 100 years into the future

27 Jul 2017 1 minute

What might the future look like? Space travel, cities under the sea and medical pods – these are just some of the wonderful things imagined for 2116.

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The insurtech effect: Insurance gets a makeover

Nick Spooner 25 Jul 2017 10 minutes

Goodbye salespeople and form-filling, hello blockchain, artificial intelligence and peer-to-peer. Insurtech is changing the face of insurance. Nick Spooner shows us what the future of cover looks like.

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