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Changing the game: Teens want tech, not fashion

29 Aug 2014 7 minutes

New trends suggest the status symbol of choice among teenagers is no longer fashion, but technology – what does that mean for the future of either industry?

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Trends from the New York Times Innovation report

16 Jun 2014 5 minutes

Trent Lund discusses what industries beyond just the entertainment and media industry can learn from the New York Times Innovation report.

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YouTube’s $1 billion Twitch deal – the streaming future

19 May 2014 3 minutes

The report that YouTube is set to buy streaming site Twitch for $US1 billion is no surprise in a world where access is valued over ownership

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What the Facebook-WhatsApp deal means for digital communication

21 Feb 2014 2 minutes

The WhatsApp acquisition is yet another reminder of the fragmented nature of mobile social networks – which signals the future of digital communication.

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The future of ecommerce – digital subscriptions

15 Jan 2014 3 minutes

Subscription services are hardly new, but their popularity in entertainment serves as a significant lesson – consumers will demand more instant access at a better price.

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