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Digital Pulse 4IR survey

Why 4IR is a love it or loathe it proposition

Steve Pillsbury 19 Nov 2019 7 minutes

With 7 billion connected devices in use, the world is now fully enmeshed in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. While offering significant benefits to business, 4IR is causing consumers and employees to worry about their privacy and jobs.

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How to transform your workforce in ten steps

Deniz Caglar Carrie Duarte 22 Oct 2019 12 minutes

Does your business have the workforce it needs to meet the demands of the future? For many it doesn’t, and hiring isn’t the answer. So how do you transform the people you have into the people you need?

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Rethinking best practices in digital transformation strategies

Out with experience, in with imagination: Why best practice is dead

Tom Puthiyamadam 08 Oct 2019 7 minutes

Consultants and leaders alike have relied on best practices to help guide businesses through change. But with technology rapidly evolving, they need to rethink their expertise, and turn to a tailored approach to digital transformation.

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healthcare future wp

A proactive approach to building the healthcare workforce of the future

Dr Ben Hamer Caitlin Guilfoyle 25 Sep 2019 8 minutes

The healthcare industry is undergoing rapid change, enabled by technological advances such as AI. The workforce is at the heart of this transformation, and preparing them to thrive will require a bold strategy

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Eight ways to get value from your virtual teams

Eight ways to get value from your virtual teams

Monty Hamilton Berry Driessen 18 Sep 2019 7 minutes

When your team is spread over a city, country or continent it can be hard to ensure aligned goals and consistent output, but it can be done. Monty Hamilton and Berry Driessen share their tips on setting up successful virtual teams.

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The five core must haves for transformation success

The five core must-haves for transformation success

Berry Driessen 06 Aug 2019 7 minutes

In a follow up piece to his look at the reasons behind transformation failure, PwC’s Berry Driessen examines the five factors that will help ensure company change is a resounding success.

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How PwC completed a global HR transformation program
Case Study

How PwC changed its HR technology and started a democratic revolution

Dorothy Hisgrove Amy Gibbs 31 Jul 2019 9 minutes

If you think implementing a massive technological transformation across the globe in just ten months sounds like a tough ask, imagine attempting a cultural leadership change program at the same time. PwC’s Dorothy Hisgrove and her team did just that – and they wouldn’t have done it any other way.

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4IR powering experience

4IR: The revolution powering experience

Tom Puthiyamadam 26 Jun 2019 6 minutes

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is heralded as an age of technological innovation, but without the courage to embrace its power holistically, its potential is doomed to remain untapped.

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Visual collaboration

Visual collaboration and the art of team alignment

Leigh Malcolmson 29 May 2019 10 minutes

Forget the water cooler — whiteboards are where the important conversations happen. Leigh Malcolmson explains how a creative approach to collaboration can completely shift the way teams work together.

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