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hybrid working

Rewriting the future of work with hybrid workplaces

Vishy Narayanan Lawrence Goldstone 27 Apr 2021 10 minutes

Almost three quarters of Australian workers actively want to work across multiple places and spaces instead of returning to the office full-time. Technology will help businesses address the challenge.

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financial services upskilling

Three no-regrets moves for a flourishing financial services sector

Nicole Wakefield 29 Mar 2021 10 minutes

The financial services industry faces a skills gap that could impede its ability to keep up with rapid change. Here are three ways businesses can tackle the problem.

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Game design EX

Levelling up: Video game design and more engaged employees

John Jones Louis Bennett 09 Mar 2021 9 minutes

In a competitive talent landscape, businesses need to do all they can to attract and retain employees. Could the popularity of playing video games provide an answer?

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product innovation

Experience and the myth of product innovation

Leigh Malcolmson Bill Bovopoulos 10 Nov 2020 11 minutes

Having an amazing product idea is one thing, bringing it to life is quite another — it requires the right people, in the right place, and ultimately, the right experience.

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EX new normal

How to redefine employee experience for the post-pandemic world

Bhushan Sethi Jean-François Marti 19 Aug 2020 12 minutes

Given COVID-19’s effect on economic conditions and customer behaviours, companies need to focus on ensuring their employee experience helps set their workforce up for the challenges ahead.

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millennials at work

Why attracting and retaining the top Millennial talent is key to future success

Dr Ben Hamer 23 Jul 2020 10 minutes

Never before have five generations coexisted in the workplace. Millennials are set to make up the largest group by 2025, so understanding their preferences and needs will be key to attracting and retaining the top talent among them.

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virtual reality training

Ready, set, go: VR training hits the ground running

Daniel Eckert 09 Jul 2020 10 minutes

Virtual reality is ready to move into the enterprise mainstream, with many companies starting to use it for employee training. PwC, which found that VR can teach soft skills faster than classroom and e-learning courses, believes it’s time to stop just talking about VR and start deploying it — especially in today’s socially distanced workplace.

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workplace upskilling

Infinite learners: The six critical elements of workplace upskilling

17 Jun 2020 12 minutes

It’s time to upskill employees for the digital future. The right mindset, technological literacy, and community engagement will create an immersive workplace environment where learning is easy and progress constant.

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Talent trends: The benefits and burdens of upskilling during a downturn

Carol Stubbings Bhushan Sethi 02 Jun 2020 9 minutes

Upskilling may not be the first thing on the mind of CEOs faced with the effects of COVID-19, but what they told us about skilling employees late last year has a big impact on how they’re facing the uncertainty of today.

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