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Digital Pulse Shining a light on shadow IT

Shining a light on Shadow IT

Robert Nikolouzos 12 Dec 2018 7 minutes

As people have become more comfortable with 3rd party applications on the cloud, they’re circumventing IT departments to get things done faster and cheaper. This is shadow IT, and there’s a solution for its risk.

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2018 APEC CEO Survey: Finding confidence through digital in uncertain times

John Riccio 29 Nov 2018 7 minutes

This year’s APEC summit reflected the diverging interests of the region’s players, but CEOs in the region are finding confidence through the opportunities in the digital economy.

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The must-know strategies for getting employees to embrace workplace technology

09 Nov 2018 9 minutes

There’s a disconnect between what executives believe and what employees actually experience when it comes to technology at work. Getting buy-in from staff is critical to ensure it does its job – adding value and efficiency to business.

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The unexpected formula for customer experience success

The unexpected formula for great customer experience

David Clarke 18 Oct 2018 7 minutes

It’s been proven that a good experience leads customers to spend more, but perhaps counter-intuitively, in order to enable that, companies should spend more on their employees. It’s time for business to get smarter.

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Four ways PwC is managing the work app revolution

Orla Broughton 11 Oct 2018 9 minutes

As new platforms and apps become the next must-haves for business productivity, managing a growing number of assets can be a challenge. But there are ways to create efficiencies that can free up the team for higher value work, as Orla Broughton explains.

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Digital Pulse Curiosity Silos

Breaking the curiosity silo for success

Tom Puthiyamadam 11 Sep 2018 8 minutes

With technological change increasing, employees need to be adaptable and multi-skilled in order for organisations to succeed. Sparking their desire for learning will lead to curiosity and better business solutions.

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Digital Pulse: How to create team harmony at the tap of an app

How to create team harmony at the tap of an app

Justin Homer Jane Cronin 30 Apr 2018 8 minutes

Collaborations can be tricky. PwC’s Pulse tool delivers real time insights into a team’s health, so members can act quickly to optimise a project’s outcomes as well as benefit the individuals working within.

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Infographic: Stretching into a flexible workplace

Infographic: Stretching into a flexible workplace

Amy Gibbs 26 Apr 2018 3 minutes

Trusting employees to work from home can result in happier and more productive staff. Digital Pulse writer Dr Amy Gibbs shares her thoughts on how PwC’s flexible ways of working have led to both.

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Intelligent Digital: Three letters for transformational success

John Riccio 09 Apr 2018 9 minutes

The story begins with PwC Australia deciding to go digital, encountering a bumpy road, but ending happily ever after. How did we do digital intelligently? With a BXT approach.

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