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101: How drone technology can help your business fly

Elaine Whyte Joanne Murray 21 Aug 2019 9 minutes

Is it a bird? A plane? It’s a drone of course, and it’s being applied in unique ways that save businesses time and resources, while improving the health and safety of workers. Digital Pulse explores the latest developments in drone technology.

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Smart farming with drones

Robots in the dirt: How farming is going digital and why it must

11 Feb 2019 12 minutes

As the world faces an increasing population and environmental changes, scrutiny over how we have been farming and feeding ourselves is rightfully intensifying. Is technology the answer to society’s agricultural challenges?

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Digital Pulse: Combining emerging technologies

The power combo: Emerging tech configurations to drive value and innovation

Scott Likens 17 Oct 2018 6 minutes

Don’t stop at one – emerging technologies provide more value when they’re used together. Here are five combinations that are changing the business landscape.

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Digital Pulse Eight Essential Emerging Technologies

The essential eight technologies revolutionising business

Scott Likens 04 Oct 2018 7 minutes

PwC’s pick of the essential eight emerging technologies that are transforming the business landscape. Which ones will your organisation adopt?

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Tech tales from the conflict zone

Gulandam Khan 06 Feb 2018 9 minutes

A surprising amount of technology that is now part of our everyday lives was pioneered on the frontier of foreign aid efforts. As private companies step up to fill a vacuum left by governments in this area, the solutions to these problems are becoming bolder, and riskier.

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Infographic: Drones as a data service

15 Jun 2017 2 minutes

Drones make large-scale data-gathering cheaper, faster and safer – meaning they’re an increasingly valuable tool for industries such as infrastructure and agriculture. We look at the market applications for drone services.

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Bad press pushes drone technology into the trough of disillusionment

26 Oct 2015 8 minutes

Privacy and safety concerns mixed with media carping have led to serious attempts to regulate drone technology. Don’t be scared, says Euan Ramsay, it’s a rite of passage for all new technology.

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Drones – the new professional tool?

29 Jul 2015 7 minutes

From mining to search-and-rescue, drone technology is quickly being adopted for professional use. Euan Ramsay looks at the commercial applications in today’s market.

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Drones and virtual reality to drive GoPro’s cutting-edge content

Tan Allaway 02 Jun 2015 4 minutes

GoPro’s investment in drones and virtual reality is a response to consumers that are driven more by a desire to share cutting-edge content than to own cutting-edge technology.

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