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Eight trends driving digital innovation: New business models

John Riccio 09 Jul 2014 7 minutes

The digitisation of the economy has given rise to new and innovative business models – in which the emphasis is on collaboration, not a hierarchy.

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The digital transformation of entertainment

13 Feb 2014 2 minutes

Is digital disruption causing the need for a new revenue model from existing products and services, or is that same disruption demanding an entirely new approach?

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Nine digital-related questions every board needs to ask itself

Kate Bennett Eriksson 17 Dec 2013 4 minutes

Too many digital businesses let themselves fall behind. Here are nine questions every digital-experienced business needs to ask itself.

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Six key ingredients of a business-focussed digital strategy

John Riccio 21 Feb 2013 4 minutes

John Riccio delves into the key factors that businesses need to consider when developing their digital strategies, in order to successfully drive bottom-line results.

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Five key priorities for your 2013 Digital Change agenda – Part 2

John Riccio 10 Jan 2013 3 minutes

In the second part of our Digital Change Agenda series, we explore the remaining key priorities that you should consider when developing your 2013 business strategy.

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Five key priorities for your 2013 Digital Change agenda – Part 1

John Riccio 08 Jan 2013 5 minutes

As the New Year begins and we all return to work mode, we identify five key priorities that should be at the top of your Digital Change agenda for a successful 2013.

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