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fast tech adoption

What PwC Australia learned about fast tracking tech adoption during COVID-19

Vishy Narayanan 13 May 2020 8 minutes

COVID-19 has provided many organisations with a crash course in technology adoption. Here are some of the lessons PwC Australia learned in moving its 8000-strong workforce to remote working in a fortnight.

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COVID-19 business disruption

How businesses are reinventing themselves in the time of COVID-19

Ben Cotter 22 Apr 2020 7 minutes

COVID-19 is disrupting business in unprecedented ways. But companies are showing their ability to adapt and innovate to the changes with ingenuity, at a blistering pace.

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The seven principles to prepare for the future of work

Dr Ben Hamer Rebecca Smith 11 Mar 2020 7 minutes

Talk is plentiful surrounding the future of work and its potential threats and benefits, but action has been thin on the ground. Here are the guiding principles for preparing your organisation — and people — to seize its opportunities.

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contract management

Spark joy: Creating value from your contracts

Contracts are the lifeblood of an organisation. Within their pages are the decisions that build business history. But without digitisation and management, their true value, and that of the legal team, goes untapped.

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Daring differently: Three concepts to realise digital transcendence

David Clarke 05 Mar 2020 8 minutes

Do you dare? Continuing in our series on this year’s Digital IQ Survey, PwC US’s Chief Experience Officer, David Clarke, explores the three pillars that companies need to set in place to get real results from their digital efforts.

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Digital leadership skills for transformational change

O Captain, our captain: Why digital change must start at the top

Tom Puthiyamadam 27 Feb 2020 8 minutes

Is your leadership up to scratch? PwC’s Tom Puthiyamadam says that without digitally skilled leaders, transforming the rest of the organisation will be a struggle.

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Digital IQ 2020: Four ways to transcend uncertainty for future success

20 Feb 2020 10 minutes

It’s time to rise above the masses and become a transcender — doing so will allow your company to secure its future,…

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Chipotle loyalty program
Case Study

How Chipotle created a recipe for enhanced customer loyalty

Jon Glick 22 Jan 2020 8 minutes

To gain a greater understanding of its customers’ needs, Chipotle worked with PwC to develop an enhanced loyalty program that included digital and mobile tech along with its app. The goal? To create an extraordinary customer experience and brand loyalty

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2020 predictions

Unlocking next level: Predicting the trends of 2020

John Riccio 21 Jan 2020 10 minutes

As the new decade begins, technologies that were once emerging are now mainstream and transformation strategies are getting tired. Here’s a look at the trends PwC leaders believe are the ‘ones to watch’ in 2020.

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