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Blockchain identity management

Can you prove who you are? Blockchain can

Scott Likens 30 Jul 2019 6 minutes

Blockchain technology in identity management builds trust by giving employers certainty around who they’re hiring and contracting, while putting individuals in the driver’s seat of managing their own identities.

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Digital identity: Who do you think you are?

Adnan Jaswal 20 Nov 2017 9 minutes

Identity is a fluid concept at the best of times. In the digital age, how we re-imagine and protect it has far reaching consequences for safety, productivity, customer experience and, ultimately, the bottom line.

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The changing nature of trust

John Riccio 03 Oct 2017 10 minutes

In a digital world where vast amounts of data are harnessed yet people can’t see who they are transacting with, is trust possible? John Riccio examines the evolution of assessing reputation and the implications for business.

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Finance sector ahead of the identity management game

Nirosha Methananda 11 Nov 2015 8 minutes

Rogue access to the systems of any financial organisation can wreak havoc – which is why the industry leads the pack when it comes to IAM.

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The end of form filling? Digital identity and the customer of the future

John Riccio 07 Sep 2015 7 minutes

A white paper by the PwC Chair in Digital Economy predicts the future for personal data: a platform where users store their digital identity in one place and businesses will have to seek access.

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Is Canberra ready to go digital? Opportunities for an Australian digital government

Nick Spooner 22 Apr 2015 9 minutes

As the Department of Communications gets its newly launched Digital Transformation Office under way, PwC’s Nick Spooner looks at what a digitally enabled Australian government could look like.

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Podcast: The new age of privacy

24 Oct 2014 1 minute

This week on the podcast, PwC’s Head of Digital Intelligence, Jason Juma-Ross, discusses the ongoing nature of privacy and how consumers’ understanding of it will shape advertising and business models in the decade to come.

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Social intelligence – watching and listening to your customers

17 Apr 2014 2 minutes

Social intelligence is a powerful tool in not only revealing information on customer relationships, but future interaction as well.

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The personalisation of digital media and raising the bar…

08 Apr 2014 6 minutes

The personalisation of digital media is happening everywhere, and is changing the way we consume news and content.

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