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Girls in business

Leveraging digital to empower girls in business

Marina Paronetto 28 Sep 2016 6 minutes

How can the entrepreneur of tomorrow learn their trade? Marina Paronetto explains why she designed an online storefront to help young women understand business.

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Innovation, design thinking, agile… where are they now?

Kate Bennett Eriksson 15 Sep 2016 9 minutes

As buzzwords, they’ve left no business untouched. How are design thinking, innovation and agile development performing these days? Kate Eriksson looks at how the business community has worked with these concepts over time.

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Hack the marketing department: Unlocking innovation in every workplace

18 Aug 2016 8 minutes

Formerly the domain of technology companies, hackathons are empowering a range of other businesses and industries. Ellie Gurgiel reflects on a recent hackathon and the opportunities it represents for the marketing profession.

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An updated guide to customer-centric service design

Nick Spooner 01 Aug 2016 8 minutes

Rapidly advancing technology has brought new opportunities for businesses to focus on the customer experience. But how can these customer-centric strategies be implemented?

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How to get lean in A3 easy steps

Marina Paronetto 21 Mar 2016 13 minutes

Expert on lean thinking, Will Evans talks to Digital Pulse about how large organisations can free their staff from the shackles of overburden to think innovatively using A3 problem solving.

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Uncovered: Design thinking

Marina Paronetto 01 Jun 2015 5 minutes

In our series that unravels buzzwords and industry terms, Marina Paronetto describes how the process of design thinking has leapt from the product designer’s studio into the realms of strategy and innovation.

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Innovation, Design Thinking and Agile: Three trends walk into a bar…

Kate Bennett Eriksson 12 Dec 2013 6 minutes

Design thinking, agile development and innovation are often misconstrued as buzzwords. But they actually refer to three critical modes of thinking – and they’re more important than ever.

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