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Digital Pulse: Dispelling myths around blockchain

Dispelling myths about blockchain

Benjamin Crofts David Lam James Kosmatos 01 May 2018 9 minutes

The rapid growth in the adoption of blockchain has brought with it debate around its legitimacy, security and cost. Here we set the record straight on some common misconceptions about the revolutionary innovation.

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GSISS 2018: Cyber security spotlight on small business

Andrew Gordon 16 Apr 2018 5 minutes

Cyber breaches of large companies through their third party contractors are one of the key reasons the SME sector is shoring up its cyber security measures, according to this year’s Global State of Information Security Survey report.

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Infographic: How cyber aware is Australian business?

22 Mar 2018 3 minutes

Cyber breaches are a fact of life in 2018. But Australian companies are still underinvesting in security measures. In the age of compulsory disclosure, are you best placed to protect your customers?

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Infographic: CEO Survey – What keeps the top up at night?

John Riccio 15 Mar 2018 6 minutes

A tumultuous geopolitical landscape is shifting the dial of CEOs worries from internal to existential. As societal threats grow, so does their anxiety, PwC’s annual survey found.

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Solving real world problems with blockchain

Benjamin Crofts David Lam James Kosmatos 29 Jan 2018 5 minutes

Bitcoin steals the headlines, but blockchain, the technology underpinning it, is being applied to a vast array of industries and solving real world problems. What can it do for your business?

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Infographic: Your (cyber) new year’s resolutions

19 Jan 2018 2 minutes

Global cyber security threats are rising and daily breach attempts are a common occurrence for business. As we enter a new year and new, unknown threats, it’s a good time to check if your company has the bases covered.

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Report How consumers see cyber security and privacy risks

Steve Ingram 05 Dec 2017 8 minutes

A recent PwC survey found that 85% of consumers will not do business with a company if they have concerns about its security practices. To earn trust, and consumer business, companies must protect customer data and respect individual privacy.

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Case Study

Operation Cloud Hopper: How PwC helped uncover a global cyber espionage campaign

Steve Ingram 14 Aug 2017 10 minutes

A whodunnit of major proportions, Operation Cloud Hopper was gathering information on a cyber espionage campaign. What it revealed was an unprecedented style of attack, affecting at least 14 countries and a complex chain of business relationships.

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Global cyber hack: Have your defences gone up soon enough?

Steve Ingram 15 May 2017 7 minutes

The wave of ransomware attacks that have crippled organisations across 150 countries pose a very real threat to all Australian businesses. There are some straightforward measures for prevention – the question is, are they being taken seriously?

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