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Under attack: How business should respond to Australia’s cyber threat

Robert Martin 24 Jun 2020 10 minutes

With the Prime Ministers’ announcement of a sustained cyber attack on the country’s organisations, Australian businesses need to act now to stay safe. Here’s what’s happening and how to respond.

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COVID-19 economic business recovery

Repair. Rethink. Reconfigure: Adapting to life after the pandemic

The world was already facing a set of grave challenges prior to COVID-19. Now, with the economic effects of the pandemic being felt, those pressures are increasing. But there is hope in opportunity.

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retail trust

Retail remedies for customer confidence through COVID-19

Matt Egol Derek Townsend 16 Jun 2020 4 minutes

Retail success depends on winning business, growing sales and deepening customer loyalty. But in a pandemic, does this formula still hold up?

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Talent trends: The benefits and burdens of upskilling during a downturn

Carol Stubbings Bhushan Sethi 02 Jun 2020 9 minutes

Upskilling may not be the first thing on the mind of CEOs faced with the effects of COVID-19, but what they told us about skilling employees late last year has a big impact on how they’re facing the uncertainty of today.

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agile principles

Undercutting uncertainty: Four Agile principles that will bolster your business

Lina Roosendans 27 May 2020 8 minutes

Many businesses are facing the challenge of adapting to a COVID-19 world. It’s no easy task, but these four concepts highlight how Agile can help.

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Virtual volunteering in a time of crisis… and innovation

Louise Halliwell 22 May 2020 9 minutes

COVID-19 has created significant challenges for NFPs in a time when their services are more important than ever. Not only could the emergence of virtual volunteering provide a solution, it could transform the whole sector.

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onboarding in COVID-19

How COVID-19 is transforming employee onboarding

19 May 2020 7 minutes

Organisations in certain industries have had to act fast to meet a surge in demand from COVID-19. The lessons from rapidly onboarding staff will help set them and their employees up for future success.

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fast tech adoption

What PwC Australia learned about fast tracking tech adoption during COVID-19

Vishy Narayanan 13 May 2020 8 minutes

COVID-19 has provided many organisations with a crash course in technology adoption. Here are some of the lessons PwC Australia learned in moving its 8000-strong workforce to remote working in a fortnight.

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COVID-19 cyber security considerations

Three steps to secure your business from cyber threats during COVID-19

Cameron Whittfield Robert Martin 07 May 2020 5 minutes

Many businesses face material disruptions to their normal operating models. As operating models adapt, so too do cyber threats. Here are some tips on how to keep your organisation and people cyber safe.

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