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Virtual health telemedicine

Lessons from COVID-19: The rise of virtual health and telemedicine

India Hardy 16 Feb 2021 11 minutes

Virtual care became business as usual during the COVID-19 pandemic, with patients and physicians reporting satisfaction in the experience. To capitalise on the success going forward, evaluation and integration will be key.

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The great work-from-home experiment and the future of the office

Dr Ben Hamer 03 Feb 2021 11 minutes

Organisations have adapted to working remotely with relative ease, however, the next step is harder. Go back to potentially unsafe but collaborative office buildings or let go of costly real estate, sacrificing culture for flexibility?

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data transformation insights

Using data to fuel your business resilience in the post–COVID-19 world

Anil Khurana Roger Wery Amy Peirce 02 Feb 2021 10 minutes

The maturity of a company’s data and information capability has proven to be a key differentiator between companies resilient enough to respond to the changes brought by COVID-19 and those that have struggled to keep pace.

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A tale of two perspectives: The entertainment and media industry after COVID-19

Justin Papps Genevieve Reynolds 25 Nov 2020 11 minutes

For some segments of the entertainment and media industry, the coronavirus pandemic has led to growth opportunities and the tumbling of customer tipping points. For others, the effects will take time to recover from.

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digital lifestyle

The great tech escape: Consumers turn to digital devices to ease pandemic isolation

Adopting a digital lifestyle, consumers turned to their devices to get them through the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a PwC survey, they’re unlikely to give them up anytime soon.

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Five key insights for the telecommunications industry of tomorrow

Mohammad Chowdhury 04 Nov 2020 7 minutes

The telecommunications, media and technology industries have been a lifeline for consumers and businesses isolated due to COVID-19. Now, they face a unique opportunity to pivot to a promising future.

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CEO upskilling

Four reasons why CEOs should upskill their people

Carol Stubbings Nicole Wakefield 28 Oct 2020 11 minutes

Workforce gaps exposed in your COVID-19 response? Going digital has highlighted mismatches between companies and their people, but it’s also provided an opportunity for the CEO to upskill their employees — and their business.

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innovation drought

The work-from-home innovation drought

Dr Ben Hamer Lawrence Goldstone 15 Oct 2020 6 minutes

There are pros and cons to working at home. While employees might get to work in their pyjamas, the trade off is in an excess of virtual meetings and a lack of informal connection — which could be killing off innovation.

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How COVID-19 has unscaled the heights of economies of scale

Kevin Maney 14 Oct 2020 11 minutes

For decades, business growth was all about economies of scale. But the trend has begun to reverse with the competitive edge now found in personalised products and decentralised distribution. COVID-19 has accelerated this shift.

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