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Ten steps to managing employee cloud activity

22 Jul 2015 4 minutes

As cloud computing becomes the new normal, here are some tips for how businesses can successfully embed it into their existing framework.

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Infographic: Cloud computing options for enterprise

16 Jul 2015 48 seconds

Cloud computing has become an essential IT service model for businesses – but which type of cloud is best suited to your operations?

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Taking stock in the shadow cloud

15 Jul 2015 4 minutes

Australia and New Zealand are the world’s fastest adopters of cloud computing – but with an average 670 services per organisation, what is the real cost to businesses?

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Changing government through the cloud

02 May 2014 2 minutes

The Commission of Audit has made a number of recommendations to improve government – including a focus on digital and cloud for information.

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Infographic – Digital megatrends driving the ‘always on’ customer

Nirosha Methananda 12 Dec 2013 1 minute

With the customer ‘always on’ we’ve pulled together some interesting stats and facts about the four digital megatrends driving this change in behaviour.

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Finger on the pulse: Digital disruption, branded apps and are you set up for cloud computing?

John Riccio 06 Jun 2013 4 minutes

In this week’s Finger on the Pulse, John Riccio examines branded apps as a growing engagement trend, Chromebook as a cloud computing platform and your brand’s voice. We also take a look at where digital fits into the future of media.

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2013 Enterprise IT Influencers: Hybrid cloud computing

Trent Lund 29 Jan 2013 2 minutes

Offering a compromise for security-weary enterprise IT professionals, we explore how hybrid cloud computing will allow companies to use the cloud in combination with their own infrastructure to ensure a secure IT environment.

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