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Cloud migration

Six questions to ask when migrating to the cloud

Robert Nikolouzos 18 Feb 2021 8 minutes

Countless businesses are cutting the physical tethers and migrating to cloud-based computing. Before you fly away into the unknown, ask yourself these six questions.

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Edge computing

101: Edge computing and the future of cloud

24 Nov 2020 11 minutes

Edge computing is set to bring cloud computing down to earth with faster speeds, lower latency and less cost. Here’s everything you need to know about life on the edge.

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Colocation: Unlocking the potential of data centres (and your data)

Naga Kadirvelu Adam Magee 18 Aug 2020 9 minutes

If data is the new oil, what kind of barrel should you store it in? While many are embracing the ease of life in the clouds, others are still struggling with the complexity of keeping data in-house. Luckily, there’s another way: colocation.

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disconnected cloud hybrid cloud

Ahead in the cloud: How disconnected cloud options offer industry-happy solutions

Naga Kadirvelu Adam Magee 04 Jun 2020 10 minutes

For businesses operating in remote terrain or with sensitive data, such as defence, healthcare, justice or critical infrastructure, ‘the cloud’ has been fraught with danger. Hybrid cloud and edge computing offer safe solutions with all the benefits.

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Digital Pulse Shining a light on shadow IT

Shining a light on Shadow IT

Robert Nikolouzos 12 Dec 2018 7 minutes

As people have become more comfortable with 3rd party applications on the cloud, they’re circumventing IT departments to get things done faster and cheaper. This is shadow IT, and there’s a solution for its risk.

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Four ways PwC is managing the work app revolution

Orla Broughton 11 Oct 2018 9 minutes

As new platforms and apps become the next must-haves for business productivity, managing a growing number of assets can be a challenge. But there are ways to create efficiencies that can free up the team for higher value work, as Orla Broughton explains.

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The secrets to CRM project success

The secrets to CRM success

Michael Diamond 21 Jun 2018 8 minutes

Far too many CRM adoptions fail in spectacular, multimillion-dollar fashion. But they needn’t, and success lies in ensuring you make the right choices about how the platform will scale to support your business growth goals.

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The power of automation: Why cloud is not enough

Robert Nikolouzos 22 May 2018 8 minutes

A successful IT transformation that speeds up the delivery of services from weeks to just hours is possible, but cloud is only part of the solution, PwC’s head of cloud services Robert Nikolouzos says.

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Intelligent Digital: Three letters for transformational success

John Riccio 09 Apr 2018 9 minutes

The story begins with PwC Australia deciding to go digital, encountering a bumpy road, but ending happily ever after. How did we do digital intelligently? With a BXT approach.

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