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Federal Budget 2016: Stoking the Innovation Agenda

John Riccio Kate Bennett Eriksson 04 May 2016 8 minutes

Innovation is high on the government agenda, but is funding set to follow? John Riccio and Kate Eriksson look at some of the ways the 2016 Federal Budget will support the digital economy.

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Emerging fintech trends: Global results

John Shipman 02 May 2016 6 minutes

Fintech innovation is carving out a new landscape for both businesses and consumers. But which trends are likely to have the greatest impact? We analyse four sectors to uncover the technologies that are driving change.

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Securing the truth with blockchain technology

Tan Allaway David Cummins, 23 Nov 2015 4 minutes

Tech companies want to build with it, banks are teaming up to implement it, and everyone’s starting to talk about it. Isn’t blockchain just another ephemeral tech invention? Actually, it’s a new paradigm that can transform entire systems, says Tan Allaway.

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