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Blockchain report

Five use cases for blockchain’s trillion dollar opportunity

Steve Davies 01 Dec 2020 8 minutes

In a COVID-accelerated digital world, blockchain could provide the trust and security businesses need to keep assets and customers safe. Here are five examples where blockchain could provide value.

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Infographic: Six emerging tech trends changing our world

Scott Likens 04 Feb 2020 3 minutes

Rather than taking humans out of the equation, Human X is the belief that the next wave of tech innovation will multiply our capacity to work better, smarter and more seamlessly. Here are six trends illustrating how that’s already happening.

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2020 predictions

Unlocking next level: Predicting the trends of 2020

John Riccio 21 Jan 2020 10 minutes

As the new decade begins, technologies that were once emerging are now mainstream and transformation strategies are getting tired. Here’s a look at the trends PwC leaders believe are the ‘ones to watch’ in 2020.

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Digital Pulse PwC food trust

Taking a byte: How digital solutions are transforming food

George Stancu Vidhya Thangarajan 14 Jan 2020 6 minutes

Where our food comes from matters. A recent digital transformation and an innovative solution offer insight into two ingredients that are creating a future worth taking a bite out of.

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Digital Pulse 4IR cybersecurity

You say you want a revolution? Then partner 4IR with cybersecurity

Joe Nocera 23 Oct 2019 7 minutes

Businesses must balance the potential of 4IR technologies with the risk that they may make companies more vulnerable to cyber threats. Practicing business-driven cybersecurity early will help ensure companies reap the benefits 4IR can provide.

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blockchain advertising

Can blockchain fix digital advertising’s trust problem?

CJ Bangah 27 Aug 2019 7 minutes

Digital advertising continues to boom, bringing with it a more complex set of risks. The answer to building trust with business and consumers alike may live in the blockchain.

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Blockchain identity management

Can you prove who you are? Blockchain can

Scott Likens 30 Jul 2019 6 minutes

Blockchain technology in identity management builds trust by giving employers certainty around who they’re hiring and contracting, while putting individuals in the driver’s seat of managing their own identities.

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Infographic: Blockchain essentials

Tan Allaway 26 Feb 2019 1 minute

Ten years on from its release, blockchain is fundamentally altering the business landscape. Despite its adoption in enterprise, it’s still not widely understood. Here’s our guide to the fundamentals of blockchain technology.

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Report: A prescription for blockchain and healthcare - reinvent or be reinvented

Report: A prescription for blockchain and healthcare – reinvent or be reinvented

Carlos Moreira Michael Farley 31 Oct 2018 7 minutes

Healthcare is rife with complexity, data and manual processing, but those hindrances also make it a great case for blockchain efficiency. It’s time for healthcare to realise the benefits of blockchain, or face the bitter pill of outside

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