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Digital Pulse: Five tech trends set to disrupt the next five years

Five tech trends set to disrupt the next five years

Monty Hamilton 18 Sep 2018 9 minutes

Which technology do you think will have the most impact in the next three to five years? A panel of experts weighs in on emerging tech trends and the results may surprise you.

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Change is upon us: SXSW Interactive Festival 2018

Monty Hamilton 26 Mar 2018 9 minutes

This year’s SXSW didn’t disappoint, with the likes of Elon Musk and whurley discussing some of the pressing issues for technology and humanity alike. PwC’s Monty Hamilton wraps up his five takeaways from the annual festival.

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How to get on board with behavioural economics (and driverless cars)

How to get on board with behavioural economics (and driverless vehicles)

Jeremy Thorpe Eshan Motwani 26 Sep 2017 10 minutes

New technologies can take some getting used to, particularly if they’re as radical as autonomous vehicles. PwC’s behavioural economics team lifts the hood of human decision-making to help usher in a warm welcome.

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Infographic: The race to build the autonomous car

01 Mar 2017 1 minute

From a nascent vision of autonomous vehicles in the 1920s to the technology behind today’s models, here’s a look at the race to put driverless vehicles on the road.

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The race is on for driverless cars to hit the road

Tan Allaway 18 Sep 2015 3 minutes

As Google ushers along its autonomous vehicle division, a report reveals that innovation in connected cars is accelerating – and a driverless car could be yours in just ten years.

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How the connected car will steer the future

John Riccio 01 May 2015 8 minutes

By plugging into the internet, connected cars offer more than just a real-time map of traffic conditions. PwC’s Digital Change leader, John Riccio explores a future in which your vehicle becomes your office and your personal assistant.

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Infographic: The evolution of driverless cars

30 Apr 2015 2 minutes

Early in April, it was announced that a driverless car had successfully traversed the US. From Google to Honda, tech companies and car manufacturers alike are racing to perfect automated transport. This infographic looks at the history of driverless cars and the challenges that must be overcome before switching to autopilot.

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Self-driving cars: The automated future draws closer

15 May 2014 2 minutes

Google’s self-driving cars are inching ever closer to a mainstream release, (which is still far away). But it’s a sign of something bigger.

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