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AI predictions

Navigating the top 5 AI trends facing your business

Anand Rao Scott Likens Michael Shehab 10 Mar 2021 11 minutes

AI adoption is up, but is it enough? As businesses invest in AI they will need to address key areas to ensure they get the most from the technology. Here are PwC’s five predictions for 2021.

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voice assistants

The art of the story: How to construct truly helpful voice assistants

Effie-Michelle Metallidis John Jones 02 Mar 2021 11 minutes

Talking to a voice assistant can be frustrating, but with their use on the rise, it’s time to start designing better conversations. Could the way forward lie in your favourite stories?

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AI testing

The future of software testing is automated AI

Tessa Smith George Stancu 11 Nov 2020 10 minutes

Testing software and technology systems requires a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of effort. But new AI-enabled tools could do the same job, faster and with better coverage — freeing up your IT department to focus on greater value.

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Gaps in the facade: Three actions business should take to fight fraud

Kristin Rivera Mark Rigby 24 Sep 2020 8 minutes

PwC’s Global Economic Crime & Fraud Survey found that fraud — and its financial toll — is rising. With gaps in prevention and response prevalent, there are three actions organisations can take to improve their defences.

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AI cyber security

How AI is making organisations more resilient to cybercrime

Umang Handa 06 Aug 2020 8 minutes

The rise in the use of artificial intelligence in cyber security is helping detect risks then respond faster and more effectively – while building longer-term organisational resilience in the process.

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101: How computer vision can shine light on your business

M@ Kuperholz Sathesh Sriskandarajah 28 Jul 2020 9 minutes

Computer vision, powered by AI, promises to deliver insights to business operations that surpass human capacity. But businesses must first consider the benefits, risks, and the ability to make the most of the opportunities it offers before investing.

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Responsible AI COVID-19

Keeping staff and businesses safe when using AI in a crisis

Ilana Golbin 16 Jul 2020 11 minutes

As governments, businesses, organisations and workers figure out how to operate in the new normal brought on by COVID-19, technology, big data,…

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humans technology EmTech Exchange

Can we become better humans through technology?

Chrisie Wendin 03 Apr 2020 9 minutes

At PwC’s annual Emerging Tech Exchange, leading thinkers from academia, industry and business explored the intersection of technology and humanity. Here are key insights from their discussions and hands-on experimentation.

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accelerate business

Approaching the turn: Accelerate your business with technology

Mohamed Kande 18 Mar 2020 8 minutes

Instead of stepping on the brakes in uncertain times, cutting tech budgets and investments, businesses should ramp up their technology and skills to capitalise when conditions turn the corner.

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