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Uncovered: Microservices – architecting for agility

Adnan Jaswal 06 Jul 2016 8 minutes

As the number and complexity of platforms and devices grow, how can organisations ensure they are able to turn out digital solutions with speed and agility? Solution designers are now turning to a new approach to application development: microservices architecture.

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How to get lean in A3 easy steps

Marina Paronetto 21 Mar 2016 13 minutes

Expert on lean thinking, Will Evans talks to Digital Pulse about how large organisations can free their staff from the shackles of overburden to think innovatively using A3 problem solving.

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Capabilities to keep pace with tomorrow’s customer

John Riccio 05 Aug 2015 5 minutes

Drawing on PwC’s Connected Retail report on tomorrow’s customer, John Riccio looks at the capabilities that will enable organisations to engage with consumers of the future – smarter, faster and with relevance.

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Nifty R&D: Our Agile approach – Small steps that create big changes

Ben Richardson 17 Mar 2015 6 minutes

Ben Richardson shares an operational perspective on PwC’s first online offering. What goes on behind the scenes to allow an innovative product – and up to 50 updates a week – to run smoothly?

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Digital isn’t a channel, it’s a mindset

Nick Spooner 13 Aug 2014 5 minutes

Customers want businesses to understand that digital reality is simply a seamless extension of their offline lives.

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CIO vs CMO: The art of agile decision-making

Nick Spooner 04 Aug 2014 4 minutes

Making decisions in an agile environment isn’t left up to chance – good decisions are made by forming strong relationships between different parts of an organisation.

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Innovation, Design Thinking and Agile: Three trends walk into a bar…

Kate Bennett Eriksson 12 Dec 2013 6 minutes

Design thinking, agile development and innovation are often misconstrued as buzzwords. But they actually refer to three critical modes of thinking – and they’re more important than ever.

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Facilitating agile consulting – The 90 minute startup

John Riccio 12 Sep 2012 4 minutes

As digital industries change and converge, so too does the role of the consultant. In response to the new digital economy we are facilitating and developing an agile consulting approach – enter ‘the 90 minute startup’.

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