As the internet of things gives rise to billions of IT-connected devices, the healthcare industry is rushing to take advantage of this new technology but in the process is creating data security risks.

The development of devices that can monitor and detect your health, communicating with each other to share information, will create tremendous benefits for healthcare providers and consumers. However, in the race to develop such products, many technologies are being deployed without adequate cyber security safeguards in place.

Of all respondents to PwC’s Global State of Information Security Survey (GSISS) 2015, 44% say they have implemented a security strategy for the convergence of information, operational, and consumer technologies and another 24% say they are working on a strategy.

Thomas Sonderegger, Partner in PwC Australia’s cyber business, and Nikhil de Silva, lead Partner for digital health at PwC Australia, explore the issues surrounding data security and the internet of things in healthcare.

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Thomas Sonderegger

Thomas Sonderegger is a Partner in PwC’s cyber security practice.

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