The last few years have seen a meteoric shift in the world of search. Although the search engine optimisation landscape was once ruled by “White Hat SEO”,  a strategy that revolves around keywords and backlinks, Google’s sharp focus on relevance, clarity and value has put quality content front and centre of the search equation.

But Google doesn’t limit its algorithms to quality content. In August last year, the search giant rolled out Hummingbird, an update designed to address swift mobile adoption rates and better distinguish spoken queries from their intended meanings while its October 2014 Pirate update took aim at websites that posed a threat to cyber security.

Although, keeping abreast of these changes is a serious imperative for connecting with consumers, businesses often subscribe to an outdated understanding of search. What SEO is Now, an infographic compiled by digital consultancy Quicksprout offers a handy overview of the basic search principles that should underpin your digital marketing efforts.



Nick Spooner

Nick Spooner is a partner at PwC and the leader of PwC Digital Services Experience Centre across South East Asia and Australia.

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