It’s well known that m-commerce is on a rapid trajectory, however the really interesting point to note from the below infographic, by Mobify and EdgeCast, is the appetite of Australians within this space – highlighting the importance of a comprehensive mobile strategy.

Considering the penetration of mobile devices in Australia, it is clear that simply adapting existing web-based sites will not provide the superior customer experience that drives conversions via the mobile channel. Designing specifically for mobile requires businesses to take into account and cater for the key information customers need on a smaller screen, while on the move and usually within a limited time period. Businesses resistant to developing mobile-specific sites, should consider responsive design which takes into account the in-numerous devices and screen sizes in the market to provide a consistent and relevant customer interaction.

This data also highlights an exciting opportunity for the Australian retail sector, to harness the power of the smartphones and tablets in the hands of consumers wherever they may be and bridge the gap between the virtual and physical retail world. The increasing sophistication of mobile consumers will drive the prevalence of interactive in-store displays, QR codes providing detailed product information, dynamic pricing and virtual self-service – just to name a few!




Joe Brasacchio

Joe Brasacchio is the project and product director at PwC’s Intunity Digital Solutions.

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