This week, International Women’s Day made its annual mark upon global awareness of equality. At PwC Technology Consulting, we held an event in Melbourne that focused on entrepreneurial women in technology, looking at how to support the work choices of women.

Typically understood as a male-dominated industry, what is the reality of female take-up of technology careers?  This infographic by pulls from a range of sources to understand how the scales of gender diversity are tipped.

The number of tech startups in the US that are founded by women has almost doubled in five years – but is this fast enough? In Australia, the most recent studies (comparing 2011 to 2013 figures) show an increase of just 3%. However at the opposite end of the scale it may appear they’re quickly catching up – with the number of female positions in the largest tech companies rising 238% faster than males – however women still sit in the lowest quartile, with employment rates at around 15-20%.

There are a growing number of initiatives to encourage entry into the tech industry, such as hubs to support female-led startups in places like New York and Sydney, and firms establishing targets and programmes – PwC included. With conditions and work/life balance the main factors for women abandoning careers in technology, there appears to be plenty of ways in which businesses can work towards retaining them, too.

Infographic: Women in technology
Source: Coupofy