Like fashion, architecture and cooking, the internet is prone to fads and cycles. This is clearly seen in the realm of web design trends, with previous years delivering the long scroll (presenting all the elements of a site in a single vertical homepage), large and captivating hero images, and the ever-ubiquitous ‘hamburger’ icon – those three dashed lines marking a hidden menu.

Anticipating what design and user experience trends might await us in 2017, this infographic from The Deep End scans the web visuals and technologies most likely to impact sales conversions. Key predictions are the ascension of scrolling as the main navigation mechanism, and the death of the homepage as we know it – replaced by user-specific landing pages. More futuristic forecasts, meanwhile, include the rise of age-responsive design and the increased use of engagement-optimised chatbots.

Whether or not such predictions come to pass, it’s evident that as web technology continues to improve under the hood, the presentation layer must adapt and evolve to fully take advantage of these new tools and techniques.

web design trends


Source: The Deep End