The launch of the latest and probably most anticipated wearable technology to hit the market, the Apple Watch, adds to an already plentiful gallery of smartwatches available from manufacturers including Pebble, Sony, and Motorola.

Smartwatches are just the beginning: one day, we could be dressed head-to-toe in technology that monitors our every action, measures each response and anticipates all our needs.

Want to know what that looks like? Check out this week’s infographic, How Wearable Technology Will Change The Internet, by whoishostingthis.

As users move further away from accessing the internet through a desktop computer or handheld device to an increasing range of accessories, the considerations of web designers grows as well. This infographic provides a quick chart of the factors that are becoming more prevalent and the many advances ahead.

Wearable tech is hailed as ‘becoming the norm’ by 2025 – it’s time to fall in step with the changes.


How Wearable Technology Will Change the Internet - infographic


Nick Spooner

Nick Spooner is a partner at PwC and the leader of PwC Digital Services Experience Centre across South East Asia and Australia.

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