When most of us think of wearable technology we’re thinking of our fitness trackers and getting those all-important 10,000 steps a day.

It’s been a slow journey towards acceptability for the wearable technology industry, with much of the ‘cool’ factor gaining initial interest but then tapering off, leaving customers wanting real value before buying these sometimes pricey gadgets.

Fitness, as it turns out, has proven to be the gateway drug when it comes to wearing your tech on your sleeve, with health the number one reason for people to purchase, according to PwC’s report The Wearable Life 2.0: Connected living in a wearable world. It’s no surprise, then, that according to the below infographic by Futurism, this is where we will see some truly advanced technology being worn.

Many of the items featured below are in the throes of development, if not already in the market, and all of them undoubtedly pass the ‘real value’ test. Scarves that help those with impaired vision know where objects around them are, monitors for asthma attacks or UV exposure, sensors that give feedback when a prosthesis touches an object will remove barriers and add secure mobility to a great many people’s lives.

You can’t get more value-laden than that!

Infographic: Wearing your health on your sleeve


Source: Futurism