In early 2016 there were almost no examples of the leading robotic process automation (RPA) platforms in Australia, and most organisations didn’t understand the technology. Just a year later, the majority of ASX 50 businesses have taken their first steps into the automation of manual processes and many are advancing to even greater integration.

There remains plenty of scope for RPA driven productivity in Australia, which currently addresses less than 1% of manual work nationally.

While adoption is still at an early stage, the RPA community has developed a wealth of information on the reality of its implementation. Here, we identify ten lessons for those organisations looking to take the leap.

Infographic: Ten things to consider when bringing in the bots

For further information read PwC’s series of thought leadership reports on RPA or download our report on mitigating the risks of digital labour,  Who minds the bots? Why organisations need to consider risks related to Robotic Process Automation.


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Shane O’Sullivan

Shane O’Sullivan leads Cognitive@PwC, which comprises PwC Australia’s robotics, process automation and AI capability.

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Brandon Stafford

Brandon Stafford is the lead director in Cognitive@PwC.

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