This week, we take a step back from the finer details of digital data to dwell on the impact of technology on language.

How the meaning of certain words has changed over a relatively short period of time offers an insightful commentary on the speed with which we’ve adjusted – and perhaps, also, forgotten.

Outdated technology terms certainly hark back to an earlier time. Gather the family round the wireless today and you could expect some peculiar looks, not the latest news on the radio. Talk about your ‘weblog’ and we’d be forgiven for thinking you hadn’t posted an update in 16 years.

Our latest PwC report focuses on the customer of the future. So what about the language of the future? We may one day hear the curtain call for requests to ‘tune in’. You might never need to ‘tape’ anything again. The significance of ‘rewind’ could be lost in the mists of time. And, if advertisers are on the money, cookies may revert back to just being delicious, baked treats.

From threads to tablets, streaming to surfing, this infographic by Lebara takes a light-hearted look at how technology has come and gone in the English language.