We’re in the age of convergence. A world where borders are quickly crumbling and being broken down through digital connectivity and communication tools. It only follows that this convergence would inevitably follow through to the corporate world.

This trend is explored by Telstra and The Economist Intelligence Unit in its recent report ‘Connecting Companies Strategic Partnerships for the Digital Age‘. John Riccio will further explore this concept and what it means for businesses next week, but the below infographic highlights some of the key stats and facts derived from the report.

Although there are weekly reports of companies experiencing ‘digital disruption’, it seems the majority of executives interviewed feel that they are not letting this worldwide phenomenon get the better of them; with 38% responding that they are not only managing it, but embracing it and a further 24% purporting that they are ‘responsible’ for it.

It’s also promising to see that 50% of surveyed executives expect their digital partnerships to effect a change in their business model – indicating a shift in mindset and recognition that a fundamental move away from traditional models is required in order to thrive in the current business environment. Further reinforcing this shift, are the preferred ‘approaches to new innovation and product ideas’, which include partnerships with other organisations inside (35%) and outside (30%) their industry.

How are you planning your strategic partnerships?

Telstra - EIU - Connecting-Companies-infographic