Content marketing provides brands with an opportunity to speak directly to the market. It’s a way to build a ‘personality’ for the organisation, establish trust and respect with customers, and scale and contextualise the company message. That is, if it’s done well.

In a study by CopyPress, An estimated 80% of business decision makers say they would prefer to access company information through a series of articles rather than an advertisement¹. Even disregarding that fact, brands choosing to follow the traditional route will increasingly struggle with their advertising thanks to the rise in ad blockers. All this points to why 88% of B2B marketers tie content marketing into their strategy².

What does this investment look like in action? Nine out of ten companies have at least one content marketing employee on board – 17% of those have taken the leap to employ more than ten. Of the external agencies that produce content marketing on behalf of businesses, a third found that their biggest challenge was meeting client expectations.

Over half of agency staff also said their clients currently know nothing about content marketing, while 39% of businesses thought their content marketing efforts weren’t effective. This suggests there’s a way to go before the real value of the exercise is truly unlocked.

Infographic: the state of content markeing


Source: CopyPress


Tan Allaway

Tan Allaway is a former editor of PwC’s Digital Pulse.

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