Once upon a time there were only a few ways to shop. You saw an ad in a catalogue or spied something in the window of a bricks-and-mortar store. Purchase achieved. These days of course, things are very different. We are bombarded with ads across print and digital, on phones, TVs, internet… billboards, buses and even our bodies in the form of branded tattoos!

Not only do we find items we’d like to buy in a variety of different places, we now have many different ways to purchase them. While we can still wander into a physical store, we can also log online, pick up a smartphone or tablet, and in some cases, buy directly from our social media channels. Shopping trends are changing dramatically.

When it comes to how Millennials shop, there are even more layers of nuance. As the below infographic shows, Millennials have very particular preferences when it comes to where and how they shop. They expect to browse for things online before making the decision to set foot in a store – and when they’re in a shop, they like to compare the price of its items on their phones.

Before deciding to purchase, Millennials research online reviews and ratings, read social media posts and check what their peers and favourite celebrities recommend. While they do venture into physical shops, a good portion of them would rather buy everything online and have it delivered to their doorstep.

We’ve certainly come a long way from good old window shopping…

Infographic: Shopping the Millennial way
Source: Skidmore Studio