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Infographic: SEO tips and tools

The joke goes, the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google. For businesses that rely heavily on search engine marketing (SEM), this is no laughing matter. Fail to optimise your content and Google will condemn your web page to ROI oblivion – for marketers, this translates to any ranking below front page.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is both a science and an art. It involves creating web content that satisfies the strict yet shifting laws of the latest search algorithms. On the other hand, creativity must be employed to ensure content still reads naturally, engaging the human reader while at the same time feeding enough key words and quality links to satiate the spiders crawling the site.

Where can we find out exactly what the SEO rules are? Sadly, they’re never explicitly published – and with around 600 Google search algorithm updates a year, we might struggle to keep up if they were. However, the market tends to work out and share best practice.

One example, this infographic by Dilate offers six SEO tips for 2016. As well as flagging up the points of focus, it also recommends some of the many tools available to test and rate content and help your web page achieve optimisation. See you on page one?

Infographic: SEO tips and tools

Source : Dilate


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    Louis ryan says:

    Helpful and interesting seo tips and tools you share here for all seo beginners, I’m agree with you and your points.Thank you So Much for sharing great piece of content in public!

  2. avatar
    Chris says:

    This is a strategy that isn’t as in use as much as it once was. Infographics used to have a lot more publication spots, now the challenge is getting it posted to the right spot and making the most out of it.

  3. avatar
    Feroz says:

    Thanks friends, this infographic was researched, curated and created by me. I am Feroz, An SEO expert from southern India. I work for an australian firm Dilate, WA.


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    This is very informative tips. these tips help to improve my website ranking. so thank you for sharing this post.

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    Matija says:

    Hi there, nice infographics.
    As small Slovenian daily furniture blogger (http://www.vgradneomare.eu/), I would like to add my opinion about long articles and their rankings.

    I think sometimes even short article can rank well.
    If one is targeting to a specific usable question, I think readers wants to get the answer ASAP, not reading a long story about it.
    And I think people are making often mistakes about it.

    For example: if I want to give answer to my readers about how a specific furniture in mounted on a wall, I will probably not get well ranked if I am describing an entire histroy about furniture and how it was mounted in the past.

    Give readers what they are asking (and searching for) and you are on the right track. Regards,

  6. avatar
    ella clarke says:

    If someone wants true knowledge of digital marketing then he or she should read your posts.And impressive graphic too.

  7. avatar

    Great infographic Tan! Really insightful.

    I wanted to get your opinion on Hubspot. Have you used their platform before? They have tools built into their marketing platform to help optimise SEO. Essentially it does what the likes of BuzzSumo, Moz and SemRush, do but perhaps to not as much granular level. I am new to SEO and found Hubspot is a useful all-in-one tool but I am concerned that I may be missing a few tricks given they have the challenge of keeping an all-in-one tool simple enough to use.

    What are your thoughts?

    • avatar
      Tan Allaway says:

      Hi Alistair,
      so glad you like the infographic and thanks for leaving a comment. I’ve never used Hubspot I’m afraid so aren’t qualified to answer this one. I’ll reach out to my networks though, see if someone with more experience in this area can comment…

  8. avatar
    Tan Allaway says:

    Glad you like it, Edward! With things changing so swiftly and more and more tools available to aid marketers and content producers, I find it handy to have the latest info in one spot.

    Also, as more and more people in organisations are called upon to produce content – who may have no prior experience of SEO principles – even a swift introduction to the basics can go a long way to helping businesses.

  9. avatar
    Edward Barry says:

    Hey Tan,

    This is a great infographic you have posted! In the current online digital climate it is so important for businesses to ensure they are SEO optimised so they can yield a higher search result. Failure to do this can often mean less views and in turn less sales.

    Although SEO optimisation is not always a simple task undertaking some of the steps touched upon above can definitely prove greatly beneficial for all businesses looking to maintain a positive online presence.

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