Depending on where you’re situated in the world, online retail can turn up some vastly different results – as shown by this infographic by SearchLaboratory, which looks at global trends for 2015.

Population size doesn’t correlate to successful e-commerce. Total sales projections for 2015 put Australia ahead of Brazil, Russia and India (which nonetheless saw an incredible increase in internet users last year of 63 million) – signifying that the population here is confident with making online purchases.

However, in terms of total sales, we trail far behind some Asian markets: China is expected to make almost $370bn and Japan charges ahead with almost four times the total value of Australian spend, which sits at $21.44bn for 2015.

As the world turns mobile, growth rates are particularly high in developing countries where handset and connection costs go down. Population penetration of mobile worldwide hit 73% in 2014, which in turn has fuelled a new wave of mobile retail.

Australian retailers rely much more on bricks-and-mortar stores for total sales than their international counterparts – China and the UK boast over double the proportion of sales made online. Which suggests plenty of opportunity for retailers here, because once Aussies get going, they clearly enjoy the online shopping experience: we sit third in the ranking of expenditure per head.

Infographic: Around the world in online retail trends


Tan Allaway

Tan Allaway is a former editor of PwC’s Digital Pulse.

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