Healthcare-related applications for mobile devices (also known as mHealth) continue to proliferate as both healthcare providers and new entrants explore possibilities for innovation in connecting with and treating patients.

This infographic from the US-based Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society is based on the findings of its 2015 HIMSS Mobile Technology Survey, which canvasses employees within the health sector.

The survey found that:

  • Broadly, healthcare organisations are widely beginning to deploy mobile healthcare applications – however many reported a struggle to effectively engage their patients using existing mobile devices.
  • Of the 238 respondents, 47% said that implementing mobile services that enable access to information was a high priority for their organisation.
  • Almost a third are based in organisations that already offer mobile apps for their patients. Another 30% said they’re in the process of developing an organisation-specific app.
  • More than half of the people surveyed said that lack of funding is currently the main barrier to the effective use of mobile technology.