With the modern smartphone turning ten next year, it’s well known that businesses must be mobile-optimised. How far does that go? Can companies make do by resizing their desktop offering for the small screen?

This infographic from iPerceptions presents some statistics on the mobile experience. Examining mobile commerce with a marketing lens, the smartphone’s impact on the US consumer is thrown into sharp relief.

Crucially, the mobile experience cannot act as a simple desktop clone. Consumer research reveals different roles for the two platforms, with shoppers 20% more likely to use mobile for non-purchase activities such as product research. This may not remain the status quo for much longer, however. Mobile payment values are predicted to double by the end of the year, suggesting businesses should prepare their platforms for a new frontier of mobile retail.

Other observations include:

  • A majority 80% of Americans access the web using their mobile device – more than 250 million people.
  • Every month, more than half of Google’s 100 billion US searches occur on mobile devices.
  • Mobile platforms are content consumption machines, with 60% of all digital media consumed via smartphones or tablet.
mobile experience


Source: iperceptions