The algorithms used by Google to come up with search results depends on whether the search is being carried out on desktop or smartphone (tablets, says Google¹, are treated as a desktop device).

Sites that perform well on mobile are more likely to be ranked highly in the searches made on a mobile device, the result of Google’s famous ‘mobilegeddon’ release in 2015.

With more Google searches being carried out on mobile devices than desktop these days, it’s important to ensure your site performs well wherever it is displayed.

This infographic by WebCEO provides tips on how to improve your site’s SEO and get it on the front page of results. These days, that’s about more than just key words. Yes, content is a crucial factor, but so is technical performance (particularly site speed) and the user experience. It’s time to test and tweak.

Infographic: mobile ranking factors 2017


Source: Web CEO